Can you use concealer as an eye primer?

The beauty world works on hacks. Numerous hacks of using a product in different ways can be seen all over the internet and some of them we learned by ourselves. Like using lipstick in 5 different ways and surprisingly it works well.

Can you use concealer as an eye primer?

Yes, you can use concealer as an eye primer. Dab a little bit of concealer at the middle of your eyelid and you are done. However, concealer can make your eyeshadow a little lighter which forces you to apply more product.

Concealer is a great alternative for eye primer. It gives your eye a smooth texture just like eye primer. The eyeshadow sticks to it perfectly and gives a better effect to it. It will set your eyeshadow perfectly on your eyelid.

You need a little practice before you try it and with perfection, it will get clean. Concealer is just an alternative for eye primer and not an eye primer itself. That is the way the effect and texture will be different from what you expect from an eye primer.


What is an eye primer?

Just like a face primer, eye primer does the same job. The skin on eyelids has a lot of texture on it which lowers the impact of eye makeup. So, when you apply eye primer it smoothens the area around your eye and your makeup glides on it perfectly.

Eye primer is a little sticky which makes your eyeshadow get fixed over your eyelids. Experts say that eyeshadow that is applied over eye primer stays longer than the one without it. The best part about eye primer is that it works well on all skin types and textures.

Just like foundation and concealer, eye primer is available in various shades of color. You must choose one according to your skin shade.


How to use concealer as an eye primer?

Not everyone is fond of a heavy makeup pantry and invests in inexpensive products. Eye primer is not that expensive but is an additional expense which you can easily avoid by using a concealer here is how.

You should start by choosing a concealer. Any high coverage concealer will work well as an eye primer. So do not use a cheap concealer that doesn’t have good coverage; it will not be as effective as an eye primer.

The right concealer is the one that matches our true skin shade. a light concealer will oxidize while the dark one will make you look pale.

After getting your hands on the correct primer apply it directly on your eyelid and blend it to perfection using a beauty blender or your finger. And just after blending take your eyeshadow and apply it. you will see that the eyeshadow will look a little lighter and brighter.

If you like that color well and good but if you don’t, you can add more.

And you are done. It is just an extra step from your usual eye makeup. Extra but crucial!

What else can you use besides eye premier?

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel moisturizes your skin well. This is cheap and natural. Apply a little amount of aloe Vera gel and let it dry then apply your regular eyeshadow. Aloe Vera gel can also be used as face premier.

Aloe Vera gel has its benefits; it does not have any side effects. Try it once.


Not the very bright one, you can go for a mild one as a base and apply your eyeshadow over it. it will even add a glow to your eyeshadow. A perfect hack to a blingy look.
Foundation and power

Take your regular foundation and then apply powder over it. This might take some time but turns out very cool. It acts as a very good primer. Whatever you will apply to your eyes will pop out its true color and look fantastic.

Lip gloss

Before you get me wrong lip gloss actually works nicely, due to its sticky texture the eyeshadow sticks to it and remains in its place for a long time. Quite gross but very effective. Do not miss trying it out.

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