What can you mix with rosehip oil and what to avoid?

Rosehip is one of the best natural ingredients that confer anti-aging properties. Several researchers have confirmed its use in instilling nourishment for your skin. So let us unravel the various benefits associated with this special ingredient and what can be added with it. We will also discuss what you must not mix with rosehip.  You … Read more

Peppermint Tea vs Spearmint Tea for Acne: Which is better?

We have all faced the dilemma. What’s the best herb for acne? While mint shows promising results in preventing breakouts, there are several varieties of mint out there.  The most significant of all varieties of mint are peppermint and spearmint. Both these herbs have distinctive taste and medicinal properties that have made them domestic favourites. … Read more

Rosehip Oil vs Retinol: Which Is Better?

When we are looking for anti-aging products in skincare, two products stand out among the others: Rosehip oil and Retinol. Both the products are well accepted in the skincare industry through various serums, facial oils, toners and moisturizers. Although both rosehip oil and retinol have some common properties, the primary difference lies in their origin. … Read more

What to do before and after steaming your face?

What is face-steaming? Face-steaming is a simple skin treatment that helps care for your skin in a healthy way. You can perform this treatment in the comfort of your house. Depending on your skin type you can customize the steps of this treatment.  There are a lot of chemical ingredients that constitute seemingly necessary skincare … Read more

Best oils for eyebrow growth

Sometimes, the first feature that you notice on a person’s face is not as specific as a smile. It could be their nose, their lips, or their eyes. These regions are key centers that grab the attention of others.  And if you have beautified either of these features, then it will enhance the probability of … Read more

Can aloe vera be applied after waxing?

 It is always calm before the storm after you have waxed off those fine hairs from your skin. Waxing gets the hair removed from its roots and gives the skin a glass-like appearance.  Yet, what downplays this beatification, is the condition of your skin afterward.  So what can you do about this? Is aloe vera … Read more