Hair Serum vs Hair Cream: Which is better?

Hair creams, hair serums, or hair sprays. All are confined under the common issue; frizzy hair. Being able to tame these flyaways and get well-groomed yet carefree locks is the goal. And these products are all beneficial in one way or the other.  Several ingredients differ in each of these products and it is always … Read more

Can you mix aloe vera with salicylic acid?

Yes. You can mix both, aloe vera with salicylic acid for better result on skin. Aloe Vera also contains salicylic acid in itself.  Have you ever wondered what makes aloe vera the most suitable skincare ingredient? The reason is not just that it is green, but what lies within this special plant. What is aloe … Read more

Does Bentonite clay remove hair color?

Yes, Bentonite clay removes hair color quite effectively. It slowly removes the artificial hair dye without disturbing your natural color.  Bentonite clay is a miraculous ingredient from nature that you can use for your face and hair. It is well known for its role in face masks.   Most people find it frustrating to find … Read more

What makeup goes with red dress?

Wearing a red dress can make you look energetic, bold, sexy, passionate, elegant, etc. all depending upon the makeup and accessories that you decide to wear with it. What lipstick goes with red dress? 1. Neutral When we talk about neutral colors, we are referring to the colors that are not too bold. Nude colors … Read more