Does UV light dry regular nail polish?

Drying your artistic nail art naturally might take a long time after you’ve spent hours creating and painting them.    If you unintentionally damage or discolor your nails, it may be a tough operation. This indicates that all of your hard efforts have been in vain.   So the question arises, does UV light dry … Read more

Liquid gel nails vs gel polish

Plenty of options are available when it comes to nails. All these options are different from each other in various ways like the way it is applied, their durability cost, and many other things. But it become really tough for us to decide which one we should pick.   So, keeping that in mind let … Read more

How to remove gel nails with sugar?

You must have read articles regarding how expensive it is to get gel nails and other nails removed from a salon. And while thinking that you must have also thought of the ways to do it at home. Gel nails are very costly and then getting them removed can also make a big hole in … Read more

How to use a nail drill?

Setting nails and styling them has become easier since the time nail drills have been invented. A nail drill is a very useful device but it comes with a lot of cautions. You need to be skilled enough t use it. In the era of Do-It-Yourself aka DIY, most of us want to try things … Read more

10 Best essential oils for nail growth

We all have heard of nail extensions which are widely used nowadays. But what if one can grow their natural nails longer and healthier without any false treatments? It’s no secret that essential oils have a wide variety of benefits. They can help you sleep better, relieve pain, and even improve your mood. Essential oils … Read more

Is nail polish flammable?

Nail polish is a form of nail enamel or lacquer used to decorate nails. lt consists of a polymer and a solvent in which it is dissolved. The most commonly used polymer is nitrocellulose which is dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate as a solvent. A most common and frequently asked question is – … Read more