10 Best nail polish colors and shades for blonde hairs

There is something about the 2021 sun and ‘going blonde’ duo that gets us all in the rush to pick out the right palette. Most of the time, it is all about blending the right shade with the tone of your skin and flaunting in the sun. 

Another hype is clearly about getting your nails in the spotlight. So which is going to shine more? Why not let both your hair and nails have a spotlight each?

If you are looking for a deep insight on the perfect shade for your hair to go for before the new year, and the right combination of nail polish, then you have come to the right place. 

Let us break down some crazy trends that you will love to wear for a fresh start. 

What is the most attractive nail color?

An all-time favorite for many turns out to be the dark reds which were making huge waves in the year 2020 and it managed to stay fresh along with all dark shades. 

If you are looking forward to wearing an elegant look with a bit of foxiness at the same time appearing majestic, then go for this legendary color. Try out the blue-tone red for strawberry blonde hair. 

What is the most popular nail color for blonde hair?

Here are the 10 best nail polishes that you should look forward to if you are going blonde.

1. Get red

Yes, red gets the role in every season no matter what the hair says. You can go blonde or colorful but definitely cannot avoid red nail polish to go with. Make sure your nails stand out with a deeper shade. Or make it darker, whichever suits your skin tone. 

2.  Just brown

A stroke of matte brown is for all those who love to make it neutral. So what is that shade that got the attention of several nail artists? Brown nail polish seemed to make its way swiftly after nude shades and other varieties began catching the eyes through 2021.

Just like red, brown nail polish is a beauty to behold. They adapt with skin tones that range from warm ivory to deeper tones. So it is a big yes.

3. Neon green

This shade of green gives a lot more than the beach girl vibe. It is trending with aesthetics. So why not get a hold of this color? 

Neon green nail polish comes in different shades in each season. And all of it has delighted many nail art experts from around the world. 

The famous green hue represented by Billie Eilish sparked the trend worldwide and so did her pointy neon green nails. The best part is that it still stays the best color for your nails. 

4. Sheer nails

Rose sheer nail polish is a must try to get the most perfect color and if you possess oval nails. The sheer tan camel nude stayed as one of the most addictive nail polish colors and it inspired more tones.  

5. Creamy blue

If you are not certain about what color goes with your skin tone, then creamy blue is a popular choice to cover up the confusion. Eventually, you will end up loving it. This nail polish embraces your natural skin tone and a touch of gloss will surely suffice the summer look. 

Creamy blue is trending well into 2021 and dark skin will love the contrast that it presents. 

6. Coffin pink

These are a must-have color for all occasions. More importantly, they get through all seasons and form a classic base color for other cool blends.

7. Foil color

Foil nail polish is all too shiny but just enough to have a lasting impression. It goes with almost all skin tones and pretty much most of the nail arts include their luster to outshine the fall season. 

8. Forest green

Forest green nails and some gold rings should make a stunning look for the new year. This look will stay there throughout the winter. So go for it!

9. Gradient nails

Make it more mystical with those professional gradient nail polishes that blend in 3 soft hues or 2, whatever you feel is right.

10. Dark orange

Strong individuals make strong decisions. Obstinate women wear this color and you should see it as a representation of strength way into 2022.

Here are the 10 best shades for blonde hair

If you are planning to go blonde for the new year, then you should do it right. Here are the 10 amazing shades for you to try on your hair. 

1. Icy blonde shimmer

Get this shade that made its way through 2010, and beautified people of all ages. Instead of looking cold and old, you are going to look fresh, vivid, and full of energy. This is a shade for all ages. 

2. Platinum blonde

If you have lighter skin tones, then you should go for this shade. This shade stands out as it is not easy to pull it off. However, it is still worth the try on your hair. 

 3. Golden blonde

Golden blonde hair with the touch of gloss will sure look outstanding for short hairs and pixie cuts. It is not just about the golden but the imperfect beauty that it enhances in each layer. Try a lighter shade from the roots to the tip. 

4. Neutral blonde

They are going to seem ‘natural’ all over. Stylists appreciate these shades too well for warm undertones. 

5. Blended blonde

Are you all about a full blended blonde, that frames your face while creating a shadow over your roots? Blending the roots into the remaining strands is the most exquisite way to go blonde for the first time.

6. Rose gold blonde

This should be called the cutest shade and the best part is that all levels of the pink tint would look great for all hairstyles. Compare the shade with your skin color and pick out a tint that is darker to your skin. 

7. Sandy blonde

Your dark skin would look great with a contrasting shade of blondes like this for instance. If you have ever felt that you could not embrace your skin enough and let it softly stand out, then go for a champagne sandy blonde.

8. Greige blonde

This neutral shade sets the ‘cool’ alarm and there has never been another shade as stunning and carefree as this. It is going to be an all-time favorite for many. 

9. Bronze creamy blonde

Everyone appreciates a minimalist shade to wear in a crowd. So, here you go. Bronze creamy blonde hair. It goes with different complexions and favors the warmer tones profoundly. 

10. Peach blonde

There is no better way to feather gentle bangs about your fair skin. Peach blonde is an amazing shade for your complexion to get all the looks it needs. 


These are some of the best nail polish colors and shades for blonde hairs that would never leave the trend so fast. Discover what looks great on you and start fresh this new year

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