Does Bentonite clay remove hair color?

Yes, Bentonite clay removes hair color quite effectively. It slowly removes the artificial hair dye without disturbing your natural color.  Bentonite clay is a miraculous ingredient from nature that you can use for your face and hair. It is well known for its role in face masks.   Most people find it frustrating to find … Read more

How to make semi permanent hair dye last longer?

Permanent hair coloring often contains ammonia, whereas semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair coloring often contains no ammonia and is designed to slowly fade and wash out after 24 to 28 shampoos. Because the products are not as harsh as more permanent dyes, these temporary dyes have the advantage of gently blending greys to establish a more … Read more

How to fix patchy hair dye?

The first attempt at dyeing your hair may not give you the best results. But there is always room to correct any errors. For instance, if your hair dyeing attempt results in patchy or uneven colors, you could fix it right away.   How to fix patchy hair dye?   You would want to dye … Read more

Is balayage damaging for hair?

Personally, speaking I love balayage hair and the fact that it is getting so much hype day by day is so justified because these hairs look so natural and graduated that it is impossible for one to resist themselves from getting these. But looking so good also puts us to question –  Is Balayage damaging … Read more

Does hydrogen peroxide damage hair?

We are all familiar with permanent hair dyes and have tried various dyes at least once in our lives. Today we are going to look at a common ingredient used in permanent dyes and will discuss its effects on our hair.  One common question about hydrogen peroxide is –  Does hydrogen peroxide damage hair? Hydrogen … Read more

Does porous hair hold color?

Have you ever checked the porosity of your hair and found out that you have porous hair? I am sure a lot of thoughts must have emerged your way since then. High hair porosity does have some disadvantages and this might annoy you a little bit. and this disadvantage makes you all question many things. … Read more

Why is my black hair turning red? How to fix it?

Hormonal changes that occur over time include changes in hair and eye color. The modifications may differ depending on our genes.  There have been cases where black hair color changes naturally.   More specifically, why does black colored hair turn red?   Hair color changes as a result of pigment alterations. Melanin is the pigment … Read more

How to fix uneven bleached hair?

How to fix uneven bleached hair?

Earlier when one needs a change to their appearance they will cut their hair, well now the trend has changed, it is the era of hair colouring, from brown to electric blue, the choices are plenty.   Hair colouring is easy if you have light coloured hair(blonde etc.) because then one need not go through … Read more