How to keep highlighted hair healthy?

When you get your hair highlighted it is a new feeling. It looks so good and shiny but after a few weeks the shine starts to get a little low and with more and more time it gets very uneven.

With this aspect let us discuss today – 

How to keep highlighted hair healthy?

By following two rules you can simply keep your hair highlighted, first do not stress out your hair, and second always keep it nourished and moisturised.

highlights have some pros and cons to it just like any other hair treatment. You have to take good care of them to not just flaunt your hair the first few weeks but for months.

Do highlights damage hair?

There is a room for damage in every color treatment like highlights. So, questioning whether highlights damage the hair or not depends on how intense the highlights are.

Going for a very light highlight which is not that permanent like babylights, your hair won’t be damaged to that extent.

But if you are going for something bold like balayage hair then the damage can be done.

Highlights and coloring can damage your hair only because the products used in the process have harsh chemical content and as the highlights get bolder the amount of these products increases and hence the damage also increases.

By damaging it means that it can weaken your hair strength and also make your hair dry and brittle. However, if you take good care of your hair, it won’t affect you much.

How to keep highlighted hair healthy?

Keeping your highlighted hair healthy is not actually a very tough task, you just have to follow some rules.

Rule no 1 try not to stress your hair and rule no2 try to keep your hair nourished and prevent it from drying out.

Now, how can you do that? Here are different steps which you must take asap.

1.      Use hair masks

No matter what type your hair is or how good products must be used in your highlights it can get dry. And for that you must use good moisturising hair masks. Hair masks balance the moisture and enhance the color as well. Hair masks are good for the health of your color.

You can use masque once in a week, you must use a specialised hair mask or any DIY hair mask would work fine too.

Hair mask will help your hair regain its protein and give it the nourishment it needs. Some Hair masks also protect your hair against UV rays that are harmful for your highlights.

2.      Avoid Heating tool

Heat from anything is bad. By that I mean even if it is from the sun or a heating rod. When you are styling your hair try not to use heating products during that.

Heat is the biggest enemy for your hair in general but it can be worse when it comes to highlight. So avoid using styling tools that have heat.

If incase, it is too necessary for you to use the tool then make sure you apply heat protecting gel or spray in your hair.

A heat protector reduces the chances of damage to some extent.

3.      Leave-in conditioner

As I told before, moisture is very important and that is why leave-in-conditioner will give you that moisture that you need. Apply leave-in conditioner in your hair at night and you can wash it in the morning.

Leave conditioner has a lot of benefits. When you leave your conditioner in your hair overnight you the nutrients from the conditioner enters from it to the hair shaft.

How to minimise the damage before getting the highlights?

Here are the mistakes you can avoid before getting the highlights.

1.      Know your hair

Book a hair stylist to know how your hair is , the hair stylist will  check how your hair is . how your hair matters when it comes to color.

The hair stylist will access your hair and decide what kind of highlights will work the best for you. The stylist will check how healthy your hair is and according to that they can select the perfect highlight for you.

They will surely choose a highlight which has the least damage risk on your hair.

One more advantage to it is that the stylist can also recommend you the best suited products for hair as well.

2.      Treating your hair before highlights

Start preparing your hair for the highlights a week ago. You can apply protein masks and essential oils to your hair to make them protective against the highlights.

The protein will also fill the gaps in your hair and help smooth the finishing of your hair.

3.      Trim the damaged hair

After getting the highlight it is better to get rid of those damaged and burned hair that are ruining your overall look. Sometimes those on or two strands make your hair look healthy. It is better to chop them off and flaunt the new hair.

Best shampoo for color treated hair

1. Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo is a choice of so many colorists out there. They suggest this very product because it is sulphate free and doesn’t let your color fade away from your hair that easily.

The prices for this one differs on all the platforms, you can find the cheapest version for this one at sephora however, it is also available at amazon.

2. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

this shampoo is suggested by us as it is free from all the harmful ingredients like sulphate, oils and paraben and is 100% safe. This product can be used by the hair type and even works the best on extensions.

it is easily available at amazon as well as in Walmart.

3. L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo

L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Shampoo is a best pick for anyone who loves to color and experiment on their hair. It cleans your hair beautifully without disturbing the hair a bit.

This product is the best when it comes to affordable shampoos with great qualities. It is a must buy.

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