How to lighten hair with lemon juice overnight?

Lemon does not just belong in the kitchen anymore. It is now widely being used in skincare, cleaning and believe me or not it is also in lightening your hair.  Yes, you read it right, lemon can be used on your hair to get a new look.

This way of lifting the color is very cheap as compared to any salon treatment if we look closely to it is the very natural too. As it is a natural product is does not has any Sid effects too. Everything might be a little confusing to you so let us discuss  – how to lighten hair with lemon juice overnight?

Lemon can be used to lighten the hair by squeezing or spraying the juice on the wet strands and covering it with a plastic cap. This way you can lighten the hair with the help of a lemon juice overnight.

As it is a natural ingredient the trick may or may not work so if you want to work it for you then you have to gather some relevant tricks and information. You job is already done by us. This article has a complete detail about each and everything this method of coloring your hair overnight.

Can I lighten my hair with lemon juice?

Throughout this time, you must have used bleach to lighten your hair. And that is obvious because bleaching is the most popular and effective way of lifting the hair colors.

But remember that using hair dyes, bleaches and other chemical products can make your hair dry and damaged.

In that case, using natural home remedies is not a bad idea.

Believe it or not, people have been lightening their hair with natural ingredients for centuries. In fact, natural hair lightening can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece. The Grecians would apply gold, pollen, and olive oil to their hair while spending hours luxuriating in the sun.

Along with being a taste enhancer of our salad’s lemon is a very good bleaching agent. Lemon can give a glowy and sunny vibes to your hair.

Lemon contains citric acid which is considered to be a very good substance for lifting colors. This acid is used during whitening of clothes as well.

And if you are having a thought of using citric acid as a substitute for bleach then I must say go for it!

Here is video which guide you further.

How to lighten hair with Lemon juice Overnight?

Lightening hair with the use of Lemon juice is a life changing hack for sure. Once you start doing it perfectly there is no going back.

In every hack the trick is to follow each of the steps very clearly without any mistakes or missing out any step. Because these are organic substances they do not have any chemical that makes it sure to work. Here we have to make it work hence, follow every thing while keeping it on fingertips.

With that let us begin,

Step 1 – Squeeze some lemon juice

The first step is to collect some lemon juice. Go to your kitchen and grb some juicy lemons. Cut them into help and with the help of a squeezer, squeeze it into a bowl or a jar.

The amount of lemon juice depends upon the length of your hair. if you have long hair then collect more lemon juice and vice versa.

Step 2- Add essentials to make a mixture

In this step you can add anything to make it a good mixture. By anything I mean any essential oils like coconut oil or argan oil or vitamin supplements.

You can even add your favourite conditioner into this mixture.

In case, you want to lighten your hair to an extended level you can also add cinnamon powder or chamomile tea into it. Both of these ingredients are good for lightening hair.

Step 3- Apply the mixture on your hair

we would suggest you to use a spraying method instead of hands for easy application. Start with dividing your hair in four different sections.

You can initiate spraying on whichever section feels the closest or feasible to you. One by one try to spray the entire mixture on all over the hair or over the areas which you want it to lighten.

The leftover mixture can be applied on any of the strands just to use the entire mixture and not waste that up.

Step 4- Seal your hair

Here, by sealing the hair we mean to wrap the hair with a shower cap. Use a plastic shower cap.

Using a plastic shower cap will help you sleep tension free overnight and not worry about the lemon juice falling onto the bed or just being evaporated away.

It will lock the lemon into your hair.

In case, you have added a conditioner then you will remain hydrated too.

Step 5- Rinse the lemon juice

Now as you have kept the lemon juice for a night it must have done its work. Now all you need to do is rinse away the lemon juice.

Use a clarifying or a hydrating shampoo to wash away all the lemon juice from the hair. The shampoo will also help you to remove the citrus smell of the lemon.

After washing the hair, you will be able to see the change in the color of your hair.



In case there is not an expected change you can any day repeat it as it is an organic method. This is a home kind of hack which may or may not work for everyone but there is no wrong in giving it a try.  

There are other methods too which are just as same as this lemon juice method.

12 Vitamin C tablets crushed and mixed with your regular shampoo is a great alternative for bleach. It is not only safe but also a cheaper option than bleaching.

You can also go for a baking soda wash after your regular hair wash. Mix 4 tablespoons of water with 2 litres of water and rinse your hair with this mixture after shampoo.

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