What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

Any makeup is incomplete without lipstick and an eyeshadow. And it becomes so important to have the lipstick according to the eyeshadow and vice versa that the entire look can be changed if you use the correct shades. Which lipstick goes well with blue eyeshadow? Shades such as orangish coral, light pink, nude, and deep … Read more

What color lipsticks goes with grey dress?

Choosing a lipstick color is quite hectic and finding with each color what shade suits the best is a little tedious. Keeping that in mind we have decided to make your work simpler and tell you with color lipstick will suit with grey dress. Let us discuss today, what color lipstick goes with a grey … Read more

How to make Lips smaller?

In this world filled with selfies and videos , it is easy to get insecure, but if you want to change something about your body you have every right to do so. If you think you have big lips and would like them to be smaller either temporarily or permanently here are some solutions because … Read more

How to make matte lipstick creamy?

Fashion is ever-evolving but nothing ever really goes out of fashion, it may be out of trend for a while but after some years or decades, it will probably re-emerge with a twist. Lipstick is one of those makeup trends that changes and though shiny lipstick is still popular, the matte lipstick craze is taking … Read more

Why is lipstick shaped the way it is?

A lipstick is the first thing one thinks of when talking about makeup. It is an essential element of day to day well-being of women by beautifying their lips and face with its various shades and textures, whether in a party, a formal meeting or a regular outing. Why is lipstick shaped the way it … Read more

Is lipstick edible?

Worried about how one time you ate your lipstick as a child or even now your lipstick just vanishes from your lips as you ate it. it is of course a matter of worry as we accidentally lick our lipstick and it is possible anyways to be so close to the lips. Is lipstick edible? … Read more

Does lipstick contain animal fat?

Does lipstick contain animal fat?

We are in a generation where every product has either harmful products or animal fat. Few of them are 100% natural. The only good news about that is a lot of natural and vegan brands are growing day by day. lipstick is one of my favorite products and I guess it must be yours too. … Read more