What color lipsticks goes with white dress?

White is such a safe colour everything goes well with it. but the part where it gets tricky is makeup. It becomes very difficult to decide what makeup should be applied on and if we go more into the matter then it is the lipstick shade which makes us late for any event as we spend hours and hours deciding what looks good.

White is such a light color that we are scared to use a bold lipstick and a lighter one look wasy to bright the what color lipstick actually goes with a white dress?

Pink, orange, red, or nude color lipsticks will go perfectly with white dress.

This idea of selecting the lipstick depends on so many various reasons we will also discuss that in the article. The article has a lot more about these shades mentioned above and some tips to keep in mind when you are wearing white keep.

Lipstick colors perfect for a white dress

1.      Go nude

Nude is the safest lipstick shade; you can never go wrong with a nude lipstick. Nude lipstick will not put all the attention to your face and the dress will get its required amount of attention as well.

One thing which is the best with nude is that it literally goes with every color and gives a very formal and classy vibes. And if we keep in mind that the shade should always elevate your look and not downgrade it then nude aces it.

A nude shade elevates your look in so many ways, nude color looks similar to a natural lip color which means it will go perfect for a no-makeup makeup look.

The best part is neutral and nude shade goes well with every skin color so why not!

2.      Rose pink

In case you want to go light but at the same time need some color, rose pink will match the occasion. Rose pink is such a cheerful color which makes you overall look effortless. The subtle tint of pink makes you look sophisticated and girly at the same time.

For moving your game, a little up pair up with a darker liner and fill the lips with this floral rose pink, you will have a perfect bold look which will suit white.

3.      Try Peach

Peach is considered to be a perfect shade for outing as well as Office. It goes with every skin shade and is perfect for a white dress. Peach is compared to nude all the time but believe me it’s not the same.

Peaches are a lot warmer than the nudes. Peach when paired with white looks gives you a very subtle vibes which you were getting in the rose pink but this one is a little in the orange family.

It is advised to use Peach lipstick with a lip gloss to elevate your overall look.

4.      Fuchsia lipstick

Fushia is such a beautiful shade that anyone can go head over heels over it. and if you are wearing white you need to try it. It looks electrifying. Fuschia adds the colour you need to your white.   

Now coming to skin shades, deep skinned people should go for creamy or sheer fuchsia, olive skin can go for matte texture, sheer options, and a creamy texture finish whereas, light skin people can go for matte texture finish.

5.      Be bold with red

I know we all were waiting for this one, red is such a comfort shade for all of us. A bold red lipstick can change your look to lewk. An attractive ruby red is capable of elevating your entire look within the second you apply it.

And red suits every skin tone. It said what it had to say: don’t even step back while wearing a red shade.

So apply a red shade and be ready to rock your white dress.

6.      Poppy Orange

You can choose orange when you want to add a little pop of color to you overall look. Orange is a warm color so you have to be a little safe with it. Make sure you do not pick a shade of orange that is too bright, killing the vibes of white.

Try and keep it minimal so that it compliments white and does not dominate it. If you ask for advice then I would suggest you go for orange with some undertones of pink.

If your orange is becoming eye-itching you can add a little bit of lip balm on top of it to cool it down.

7.      Plum lipstick with white dress

Not just your beautiful white dress but also your face will also steal the spotlight when you will apply plum lipstick with white dress. Plum is a highly saturated and highly pigmented shade. It is said to be the color of braves.  So be brave enough to try this shade.

It is suitable for night events like clubbing to a formal event like meetings. Where white will represent your calmness on the other side, plum shows your confidence.

8.      Bronze

Bronze lip shade can be worn by everyone if they make a choice, but it looks best on deep and olive skin shade. It is like mixing nude and brown. and just like that if you are going for an event which is neither too formal or too bold try applying bronze in that case it will work the best.

A matte formula for a bronze one looks better than creamier one. Well you can try other formulas too.

9.      Brown

Brown shade looks so good on a white dress. if you really want everyone to look at your lipstick go for brown. Brown is a surreal lipstick and it cannot be worn every time so it’s the best time to wear that brown lipstick.

Brown lipsticks also give a lot of vintage vibes to your look and makes you look mature.


So that is it these were our selected shades for a white dress. You can any day experiment with any other shades too as makeup is all about experimenting.

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