How to make hair stay in place for guys?

Being a boy is not easy too, as when boys look up on the internet for a solution it is quite hard to find out but a girl gets this advice from all over. it is because there are plenty of articles.


Being a boy is not easy too, as when boys look up on the internet for a solution it is quite hard to find out but a girl gets this advice from all over. It is because there are plenty of articles and videos related to it. And keeping that in mind we have come with an article for our male readers. 


A lot of us have assumed that boys are lucky when it comes to hairstyling as they do not face problems like tangling or Brading it. But that is not the case. Guys face a hard time making hair stay in place. Am I right? Of course, I am. 


Considering that let us discuss how to make hair stay in place for guys?


There are a few tips by which you can make your stay in place, getting a haircut or styling it properly and pre-styling are some of them. 


Of course, these are not enough and that is why we have a whole article dedicated to it. 


How should you style according to your hair length?

Many times, the reason why your hair is not in place is that you have styled it in the wrong way and not according to the length of your hair. So, once you start to understand which hairstyle is best for you it will be easier to keep your hair in place. 

Let us discuss this lengthwise, 


Short hair 

When you have short hair, it can be a little tricky for you to keep the hair in a place because you can rarely go for options like a headband or a rubber band. 

And short hair is very easily weighed down if you use too much of a hair product, so the trick is to go for a lightweight hairstyle. Do not use too many products at once.


Long hair 

Having long hair that goes up to the shoulder or a little wavy and big curls becomes a problem when they start to become frizzy. 

So if you have long hair then the very first advice is to try those hairstyles which prevent you from going all over the place. With long hair, you have the benefit of using accessories so you use headbands or hair ties. 


Tips for making hair stay at the place for guys 

Now, it is time to reveal some of our best tips for you to keep your hair at a place. Keep reading here are plenty of tips and each one of the tips has worked for some of the other people. Keeping that in mind here is a detailed explanation of it too. 


1. Get a right haircut


The haircut makes many things easier for us and that is why our very first tip is to get a proper haircut. 

thick and long hair is tough to manage as they become too heavy to be at a place. So, the easiest solution for this one is to get your hair shorter. You can ask your barber to keep the length short at the crown and the sides. However, ask them to keep the front long. 

This way you can have the best of both worlds, I mean this way the shorter hair will be easier to manage, and the longer hair in front will add volume to it. 

Remember the foundation of a good hairstyle is a perfect haircut. 


2. Prepping your hair before styling 


The secret to a new hairstyle is prepping your hair before styling and pre-styling it. for preparation, you have to clean your hair, and pre-styling is done by using pre-styling products. 

Hair should be cleaned and washed properly before styling. A day-old hair has product and oil build-up which makes the hair heavy and difficult to style. 

you can wash your hair with a volumizing or clarifying shampoo washing your hair with just water will work for styling. 

Second comes pre-styling, pre-styling is done with the pre-styling products. Pre styling helps to make the foundation for the hair. 

You can start by using a hair mouse and activate it using a hairdryer. It will increase the volume in the hair and your styling will become easier. 

With that, it will also help your hair to stay up for a longer time. If you do not have a mouse you can blow dry your damp hair too. It also helps in volumizing the hair. 


3. Styling 


Now comes the part you were waiting for. Once you have blow-dries your hair is ready for the styling part. 

Remember we do not need to weigh down our hair and that is why avoid using heavy products like wax. If your hair is short, you’ll have to avoid gel as well. For long hair, you can use gels. 

For styling the hair which stays up all day you need clays, lightweight stylers, and gels. All of these products give you an extremely strong hold for your hair. 

The hack here is that you have to use any one of these products Layer by layer on your hair and not use the damp product at once. 

If you use a product that is more than it’s required then your hair will fall instantly. 

Take a pea size product and then make sure it is distributed evenly all over the hair and not in one place. 

If it isn’t enough you can go for the same small amount. 

Going layer by layer sounds very tedious but patience is the key to a good hair day. 


4. Finishing it 


The end is always the most important one when it comes to hairstyling. A styling can never be stopped at the point just after styling. You want your hair to stay at a place for 24 hours and not for like 5 minutes. 


So, what you need to do is use a light hairspray to keep everything in place. Use spray very lightly keeping it away from the face on your hair. so not just spray at one section of your hair, consider the whole hairstyle. 

You can also spray the hairspray on your hand and put it lightly on your hair too. 


These were some amazing tips for you to keep your hair up a whole day. 


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