Murumuru Butter vs Shea Butter For Hairs (Which is the best for hairs?)

Only curly hair people know the importance of moisturising butters that act as a saviour for a lot of curly hair people. a; of these butters have gained popularity amongst these people.

Shea butter is the most commonly used nourishing butter with multifunctional benefits. It is found in most of the hair care products, lipsticks, lip balm, and hydrating skincare products. But, with a span of time Murumuru butter Is also proven good to use.

And as it is gaining a little of the popularity, we should do a Murumuru butter v/s shea butter. 

There is not a comparison between the both as both of them have different benefits and nutrients. However, shea butter is more popular than murumuru butter.

A lot has to be learnt to decide between one of them and we have made it easy for you. This article has complete information on these two very beneficial butters.

What is Shea butter?

Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of shea tree found in west Africa. Africa is no doubt the land for essential oils and butter. Shea butter has been one of the favourite cosmetic ingredients since ages because of so many benefits which it possesses.

Shea butter has a high concentration of Vitamins and Fatty acids that are really good for both skin and hair. Which is why it has superb moisturising qualities.

Shea butter is mostly used for moisturising.  Shea butter is absorbed by the skin and scalp really quick and it is best for frizzy and parched hair. It improves the elasticity of hair and prevents your hair from breaking and splitting ends.

It is a good suggestion for those who have fragile and brittle strands.

Now coming to the vitamins, shea butter is infused with Vitamin A, F, E. all these hairs are really essential for hair growth and hair protection.

The bonus here is that you use shea butter as sunscreen as it has SPF 30 in it.

Now that you know shea butter is a multifunctional and a great hair and skin moisturising emollient.

What is Murumuru Butter?

Murumuru butter is an excellent emollient known for its moisturizing properties. This butter is made from the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru. Astrocaryum is a kind of palm tree found in the Amazon rainforest. 

Just like shea butter it is also used for moisturising skin and hair. But it is also being discovered as cooking oil. We will come to this later.

Murumuru butter is not as popular as shea butter but it has some features that can surpass shea butter in preference.

Now let’s talk about some benefits which it possesses.

Murumuru butter is a natural skin moisturiser. A dry skin has lower levels of fatty acids which can only be nourished with the help of these acids. Murumuru butter has high levels of fatty acid which moisturises dry skin and is good for hydration of skin.

Murumuru butter is also used on lip balm to cure chapped lip balm.

This emollient is very good for frizzy hair. Murumuru butter has high lauric acid and fatty acid which penetrates into the hair shaft and releases all its nutrients into it and helps curing the hair. 

It also protects the hair from sun damage and UV rays. It also acts as a hair mask. You just have to apply 2-3 minutes in a shower and you will get conditioned hair.

One of the very interesting features of this butter is that it makes the hair shiny and healthy.

Murumuru butter has so many benefits and thus, it is getting popular.

Murumuru butter Vs Shea Butter for Hairs


Shea butterMurumuru butter
OriginShea butter is originated from shea tree found in west of AfricaMurumuru butter is made from the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru found in Amazon rainforest
VitaminsShea butter contains Vitamin E which is not present in Murumuru butterMurumuru butter has Vitamin C which is not present in shea butter
  • Absorbs into the scalp quickly
  • Active moisturisation for skin and hair
  • Eliminates stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Retains moisture and treats dry and brittle hair.
  • Natural properties to protect skin from UV rays
  • Adds and retain moisture to the scalp
  • It is very gentle on the skin
  • Restores natural shine, adds gloss and softness in hair
  • Improves hair flexibility
  • Makes dry and frizzy hair more manageable.
GreasinessShea butter is heavyMurumuru butter is light and not greasy.
Suitable for Hair typesShea butter is suitable for thicker coarser curls or the hair that needs extra weightage


Murumuru butter is suitable for less dense and low porosity hair. it is perfect for wavy hair
SPFshea butter has SPF which protects hair from sun protectionMurumuru butter does not has SPF.


How to use these butters in your daily routine?

There are plenty of ways to use these butters in daily life. We tell you the best and must uses of these butters.

Talking about Murumuru butter , it has very good conditioning and moisturising qualities and keeping that in mind after you are done with shampooing your hair you can take a small amount of murumuru butter and apply it on your wet hair.

It helps you regain all the moisture which must have been lost during the hair wash.

Murumuru butter is widely used for treating dandruff in hair. If you are looking for a solution then it is a great one. Apply murumuru butter in your scalp to get rid of itchiness and dryness.

For curly hair people shea butter can be used daily as a hair moisturizer before the wash. It makes your curls more bouncy, shiny and voluminous.

If you want some warmth in your hair, you can rub the butter in your hand and apply it over your hair.

Now, coming to the skin both shea butter and murumuru butter works excellently on skin. You can apply this butter as a moisturiser for your skin. Shea butter can also be used as a sun protection too and also on lips.

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