What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

Any makeup is incomplete without lipstick and an eyeshadow. And it becomes so important to have the lipstick according to the eyeshadow and vice versa that the entire look can be changed if you use the correct shades.

Which lipstick goes well with blue eyeshadow?

Shades such as orangish coral, light pink, nude, and deep eggplant such as dark purple go well with blue eyeshadow.

Here is how you can wear blue eyeshadow with nude lipstick – 

Choosing blue as a shade of eyeshadow

Blue is a colour that is liked by most people as it goes well at fancy parties, formal events or any other occasion. It is very important to blend the eyeshadow well to the eyelids so that it gives a perfect look to make the event special and you glitter out like no one else. Therefore applied eyeshadow and blend it well with different types of eyeshadow blender brushes that make it look even on all parts of the eye.


Choosing a lipstick in accordance with blue eyeshadow

Perfect lip color is as important as perfect eye shadow is. Here are some of the lipsticks that go well with blue eyeshadow-


No matter what colour your skin is, nude is a shade that suits well on everyone. If eyeshadow is of bright blue colours nude is completely gonna steal the look. The shade of the nude lipstick should be in just one sheet greater than your skin tone. This helps in retaining the natural base of the face while giving it a slight enhanced look.


The color pink is a favourite choice of people around the world. Almost every shade of pink looks good on the face but when paired with blue eyeshadow, using a soft pink or light pink colour is recommended. It looks amazing on people who have a light skin tone. The shade of the colour must be a shade lighter than your skin tone. It equalizers the colour exposure of the blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick that gives the face a subtle but elegant look. It is better if you use the colour in the glass form.


Coral shades are trending now especially when one wants a hot yet attractive look. An orange coral looks beautiful with blue eyeshadow. It goes the best with blue eyeshadow. Even dark orangish corals with icy blue eyeshadow look great. This is for the people with a dark complexion that gives a bronze metallic look of the lips.

Deep purple

A bold eye and a bold lip do not usually go well together but one can rock the look when the right shades are chosen. The cooler shades of blue can look great when paired with a lipstick that has a comparatively similar undertone. Therefore instead of using a red lips shade a Deep purple colour should be used. It should be more of an eggplant state than giving hints of Magenta. Adding a bit of purple eyeshadow towards the corners of your eyelids along with blue eyeshadow works wonders to give a unique appearance to your look.


Makeup looks the best when all its elements are in balance with each other. It is very important to choose the correct shades of the eyeshadow lipstick Foundation as well as blush on to make the makeup a neutral one in a way that it enhances the look of the person.

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