How to Apply Toner With Hand?

Toners are cosmetics, usually used to balance pH, shrink pores, cleanse, help groom and to moisturise, provide extra protection to your skin.

The differently available toners are water-like toners, mist toners, serum toners, exfoliating toners (glycolic and salicylic acid toners), anti-aging or treatment toners.

Toner is generally applied to the skin using cotton balls, cotton pads, and hands!

To know more about how to correctly apply the toner with your hands, and some other helpful tips, keep reading!


Can you apply toner with your hands?


Yes, absolutely, not only can you apply toner with your hands, it’s also proven to provide more hydration. As long as you are careful in keeping your hands clean before applying it, it’s completely safe and even better. Applying toner with your hands is also better economically.


How to apply toner with your hands?


  • Make sure your hands are perfectly clean, as unclean hands pull in unnecessary dirt and oil.
  • Wash your face properly, toner is only used on clean skin, before applying make up or any other skin care product like serum or a vitamin C treatment.
  • Pat your skin dry with a light towel.
  • Squeeze the toner in pea size amounts and gently tap it onto your skin.
  • Let the natural heat of the hands absorb the product more.
  •  Tapping the product, cover areas of your face, neck, ears and chest.


Benefits of applying toner routinely

Toner is the perfect way to prepare your skin for makeup, serum or any other skin care.

It helps in flawless application of make-up, minimising the appearance of pores.

Helps the skin retain moisture, and gives it the needed hydration.

Toners are said to have great anti-aging benefits as they tighten pores, and protect the skin from heavy makeup.

If you find applying toner with your hands isn’t working, go through the chart down below which explains the best ways to apply toner according to your skin type.


The best way to apply toner

The best way to apply toner depends largely on the kind of toner you are using. To know more about your skin type, how to apply and what suits your skin best, follow the following chart.


Oily/combination skin type


Use a cotton pad



·       This is the most general way of applying toner to your skin.

·       Pros; an even application of the product, absorbs any remaining oil, dirt from the skin.


Normal/Dry/Sensitive/ skin type




·       Take the toner onto your fingers in a small amount and gently tap it on the skin.

·       Do not rub or over massage the product on skin.

·       Pros; maximum product utilisation, and no allergic response in sensitive skin.



Very dry skin type


Use a sheet mask


·       Sheet masks provide the maximum hydration that is ideal for very dry skin types.


Here’s a video by Hyram, a skincare specialist explaining, “how to find your skin type”.

What to do if you don’t have a sheet mask?

A DIY sheet mask works just as perfectly. For this, all you need to do is, wet few cotton pads with a toner that suits your skin type and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes

Toner can also be applied as a mist throughout the day, just make sure you are not wearing any foundation or sunscreen, as it can end up making your skin drier.


Should you wash toner off your face?


No, toner is meant to be applied after washing your face, and it is supposed to be absorbed by your skin. It acts as a barrier for make-up to directly seep into your pores.


Which is better, cotton balls or cotton pads?

Cotton balls are said to absorb more product as they are made up of more cotton in volume, whereas cotton pads contain less cotton and provide a greater surface area.

Cotton balls also leave behind residues of cotton on your skin, which can cause inflammation and breakouts.

What is the best time to apply toner?

The best time to apply toner is after a face wash, both at morning and night. It cleanses your skin of any remaining oil, prepares it for make-up, other skin care products and lightly moisturizes it.

How to choose the right cotton pads?

  • Make sure its 100% cotton
  • Is lint free
  • Has preferably two surfaces, one for applying, and the other for exfoliating.
  • Does not absorb too much of the product.

What is a face toner made up of?

Face toners is a water- based, salicylic acid or occasionally serum-based liquid, generally infused with skin soothing ingredients like eucalyptus and peppermint.

What does a ball toner do?

Ball toner is used after grooming, and is excellent for preventing razor bumps, over drying of skin, irritation or redness and inflammation of any kind.

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