What color lipsticks goes with grey dress?

Choosing a lipstick color is quite hectic and finding with each color what shade suits the best is a little tedious. Keeping that in mind we have decided to make your work simpler and tell you with color lipstick will suit with grey dress.

Let us discuss today, what color lipstick goes with a grey dress? 

As grey is a more neutral and a dull color, to balance it you need some brighter and vibrant shades like pink and reds will compliment it. However, you can also go for deep shades like brown which will set another kind of vibe.   

Grey is a very risky color; you can not experiment much with it. selecting a color that is way brighter than the grey can make you completely off beat or choosing a color as  and dark ash grey can give a shady vibe.

Do not worry! You aren’t going to be in that situation if you read the entire article.


Best lipstick colors for a grey dress

Here I am listing all the possible shades of lipstick that will suit your grey dree.

1.  Carmine

The beginning is so beautiful as Carmine is one of my personal favourite color and it looks really good with grey. Grey being the neutral color and Carmine being so elegant balances everything over here. This color is also known as imperial red at some places so do not be confused.

This color is perfect to pair up with grey at night time or an event like a wedding or date. You will really steal the show with this one.

2.   Hot pink

Hot pink is a very safe color, it is not only bold and beautiful but also very versatile. It can lift up the whole look the moment you apply it. Hot pink and grey is a very good combination to be paired together.

Hot pink gives a very strong and bold confident look so this combination can be worn at a meeting or a summer girl out it will work perfectly in both the cases.

3.      Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown shade is a very attractive color that suits all the skin shades. When chocolate brown shade is applied on a grey color dress the whole look has a very strong vibe. Be it glossy or be it matte both the formulas will work with chocolate brown.

Just like hot pink chocolate brown is also a safe shade and in addition to it it suits every skin tone. Keeping that in mind I would highly recommend you to apply chocolate brown shade with grey lipstick.

4. Magenta

Magenta shades is the royal color of the pink family, when you want to move ahead of pink and need something darker and deeper you can go for Magenta. The color is so glamorous that it not only supports the grey color but also enhances it very beautifully.

5. Old mauve

Old mauve is nothing new but a darker shade of purple, a mixture of blue and purple is simply old mauve. This is not an easy choice but for once you can try and experiment.

This is a bold color which adds light to your grey color, giving it a finishing touch. And if you go for a matte then it will be a good choice.

6.      Rose Gold

Rose gold is a color to choose when you need both glitter and glam at the same time. Rose color is setting the trend and with the hint of gold it adds a lot of glam too. Rose gold and grey look really good together just like yin and yan. Go for a glossy one for a good outlook.

7.      Peach

Speaking of peach, peach is a very subtle color which looks good with so many color shades. Peach makes you look young and youthful. You get a lot of summery vibes with peach and when it comes with grey it lifts your overall look.

I am sure you would not like to miss this one, you can go for creamy and matte formulas for this one.

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