Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?

We all have been hearing about the airbrush makeup blends so well on the skin. It is a popular and fast way of applying a perfect blend of base.

As the time is evolving makeup has evolved with it too, and airbrush is a new technique as compared to many other things in the makeup era. Being new to the field is the reason why people are confused for opting this style.

This part becomes even more difficult for oily skin people, as being a oily skinned person you are worried about every thing and thar is – 

Why Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin? 

Airbrush makeup is a very good choice for oily skin people. Airbrush is a long-lasting and the finish is ultimately flawless. In fact, the formula of airbrush makeup even focuses on reducing excess oil production in the skin.

Not just this but there are so many other benefits of airbrush along with some disadvantages for all types of skin. read further for more.

Is it okay to go for Airbrush makeup for oily skin?

People usually avoid or think before doing Airbrush makeup because of several reason. The first reason being so expensive. Airbrush makeup costs you a lot and, in some case, you have to pay additional charges to the professional artists at the same time.

In case, you try to do it at home the kit will cost you a lot. The second reason is, though it is trending now but it is not practiced everywhere because of which there isn’t ample amount of information which at the end of the creates doubts.

Coming to the main point it is a safe choice for oily skin people for choosing airbrush makeup or not? Airbrush makeup is ideal for oily skin people. In fact, it a very good choice.

Oily skin lives with a disadvantage of make-up not lasting long enough. The reason why this happens is because the skin releases oils and washes away the makeup. Contrary to it, Airbrush makeup reduces excess oil production from the skin and is long lasting. Hence it is perfect for oily skinned people.

Airbrush is not only long lasting but also conceals flaws and scars and ever bruises. It gives a flawless finish too. At the end of the day yes! airbrush makeup is good for oily skin.

Airbrush makeup v/s traditional makeup (oily skin)

Airbrush makeup does not involve any brushing or blending or any kind of touching at the first place. Whereas in terms of traditional makeup there is a lot of usage of brushes, blender and even fingers which is not good for oily skin or altogether for any skin.

Even if is done in a safe and hygienic way then too it involves a lot of cleaning of each tool which can be hectic.

Traditional makeup is a lot cheaper than airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup can cost you a lot of money only because there are some special tools and only for professionals can do it. Traditional makeup can also be done at home easily but airbrush is a little Tricky to do it on yourself.

Airbrush makeup is suitable for oily skin people but on the other hand traditional makeup can be customised to every skin type by choosing that type of product and airbrush can be very drying for dry skin and can end up being cakey.

Advantages for Airbrush Makeup

Keeping aside the things for only oily skin there are some advantages for airbrush makeup for everyone of us let us have a look on them.

Long lasting

The reason Airbrush makeup is a choice for a lot of celebrities and brides is that it lasts throughout the event without being cakey or evaporating or oxidising is because it is so long lasting. Most of these airbrush makeups are silicon-based makeup which can handle sweat and heat as well.

Minimal product

Airbrush makeup gives you more coverage in lesser product which is why the finish looks so natural and not heavy or made up. Because of minimal products it does not feels that heavy and because of its lightweight you can carry it all day long.

Waterproof and transfer proof

Not every Airbrush makeup is waterproof but you can definitely opt for waterproof and transfer proof makeup with air brush makeup as well.

Look good in photographs.

This is camera era and you can barely hide anything from getting captured and for that time Airbrush time is the best. Airbrush makeup looks the best in from of the camera. You will get amazing photographs and be the star of the event.

Disadvantage for Airbrush Makeup

Very expensive

Airbrush Makeup is very costly in comparison of traditional makeup. We have discussed this before as well that why is this too costly. It is because this technique requires expensive tools and skilled makeup artist who charge a lot.

Not good for dry skin

Airbrush makeup is not creamy and that is a big no for dry skin people. as we have read that it reduces oil production which for dry skin is very dangerous it can make your face dryer and makeup cakey. So, Airbrush makeup is not good for dry skin.

Not suitable for acne prone skin

Regular or traditional makeup is more suitable for acne prone skin than air brush makeup. It can not cover the entire pimple or acne very nicely it has to be blended properly with blender and brushes.

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