Does eyeshadow expire if unopened? How long does it last?

Most of us are crazy about eyeshadow palettes and we store a lot of them, but then what are we afraid of? 

Does eyeshadow expire if unopened? Or how long do they last?

Yes, your eyeshadow can expire just like any other make up product, but I last longer than your skincare. Usually, the shelf life for any unopened makeup is 2-3 years but for eye makeup it is an extra 3 months.

I would like to add an advice in the first place, that do not store too much makeup products. This is not only a waste of money but also if you use any of the expired products by mistake you can be at risk.

It is better to give away those products and always check the expiration date before buying the product.


How long does unopened eyeshadow last?

If you keep your products at a safe, cool and dry place then it can last upto 2-3 years without getting bad. It all depends on how nicely you have stored your product. Eyeshadows should always be stored at a dry place away from sunlight or heat.

However, in creamier eyeshadow they can still go bad if sealed. This eyeshadow contains oils, butter in it which could turn earlier because oil can go rancid. Other than that, natural or organic  products can go bad when sealed as they do not contain any preservatives.


Does eyeshadow expire?

Yes! eyeshadow can expire just like any other makeup product. Eyeshadow can expire too but it depends on what kind of eyeshadow it is. Powdered eyeshadow has a longer life than cream and water-based eyeshadows.  

This does not mean that you can use powdered makeup after a period of 3 years. Beware of that as well. For that you can keep a track of the year. And also see if the eyeshadow has expired or not by many ways. Mentioned below.

How to tell your eyeshadow has expired?

There are many ways to check if your eyeshadow has expired or not and we will be talking about each and every kind which will make your work easier.

Checking the expiration date

The easiest way is to check the expiration date on the packaging of the eyeshadow, it is always there so do not worry, now as per some rules it is mandatory to mention the expiration date. The number of months mentioned is followed by a M. The symbol for that period after opening (PAO) shows the number of months for which the product will not expire after opening. Remembering which month, you opened it around is helpful.


The second way is to smell your product, if the product smells bad do not use it in the first place. Most of these products have very good smells as they contain perfume in it. If they are smelling foul then it might have gone bad.


Many times, the textures can also tell you that it has expired. Simply by touching it you can feel something different and it is advised to throw away that product at that very moment to prevent any kind of damage.

Color change

Though the eyeshadow palette has a lot of color which can confuse you but, when any product expires it oxidises and the color of the product changes, so if you see any strange color thing happening in your eyeshadow you may discard it.

What happens if we use an expired eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow is used on eyes which are a very sensitive area, you can face severe damages and irritation at the same time.

The changes are you have pink eye, acne, swollen eyes, skin irritation, rashes and in extreme condition spoiling your eyesight if the color went inside you eye.

As this is the case for your precious eyes, it is always better safe than sorry.


How to store unopened eyeshadow properly?

Most of the time the eyeshadow goes bad because of our carelessness, we should learn how to store our unused as well as active makeup properly to use them for a longer period. Usually, these brands mention how to store their product properly. In case you don’t have any idea you can follow the ones given below.

1. Keep away from moisture

Moisture is not a good thing you would like your eyeshadow to meet. Once there is moisture near your palates there is a chance of your palate going bad. Moisture increases the spread of virus and this is why It is always mentioned in the packaging as well to store in a dry plate. It will be better for you if you follow these instructions.

2. Avoid in sun

Thinking that moisture is harmful doesn’t mean that you will keep your eyeshadow in the sun, sun is equally a bad idea as moisture. Storing makeup in direct sunlight can damage it by breaking down the ingredients and causing the formula to split, especially in cream and liquid products. 

It better to put your eyeshadow in a cool and dry area

3. Fridge is the place

Now with your fruits and vegetables your fridge can also help you store your makeup very safely. As mentioned before you can not keep your makeup sealed in moisture or in direct sunlight so the best place is the fridge, which is cool and dry.

In case you find it very unorganised so you can also buy a mini fridge in that case there are several options available both online and, in the stores, you just have to have a look

Final words

Now, you must have understood the key to long lasting eyeshadow is in storing them correctly as no matter when is their expiry if you haven’t stored the product correctly it can definitely go back.

While you store your product make sure you check the expiries of each of your products every month to be double sure. If your product is about to expire, it is better to use it as soon as possible, and if there is a little time before it expires then make sure you use it before the ones who are not going to expire soon.

And last the eyeshadow that has expired is better to be thrown away! Be safe and keep doing makeup.

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