Can we use expired olive oil for skin? How long does unopened olive oil last?

Olive oil is a really great ingredient that has multiple uses in it, and because of that, we store olive oil with us. Now, as with every other thing, olive oil expires too and the question arises – 

Can we use expired olive oil for skin? 

Yes, you can use expired olive oil for skin, as an exfoliator, scrubber, or a moisturizer for the skin.

Rancid or expired Olive oil has many uses for skin, but do not use it in the food. The good thing is that expired olive oil won’t make you sick or fall ill but it can ruin the taste.  That we why keep a track of time.

So many of you must have unopened olive oil and must be wondering how long does unopened olive oil last?

An unopened olive oil has 2 years of shelf life if stored properly in a cool and dry place.

The key to storing anything is storing it correctly. We will be talking about that too. Read the full article.

Does unopened Olive oil expire?

Cleaning the shelves and finding out the unopened olive oil and make you happy and worried at the same time. happy because olive is just a multifunctional ingredient and you can use it in mays and worried because what if it has expired.

You must have also heard about olive oil lasting really long but that doesn’t mean that it does not have any expiration date. An unopened Olive oil can expire too.

there is no lie in that you can store oil for a long time but just like most things it expired. However, it does not have adverse effects like any expired product but its losses most of its benefits after expiration.

Being a multipurpose ingredient olive also have used after it expires.

How long does unopened olive oil last?

Olive oil is extracted from olive which is a fruit, olive as fruit can last up to 18-24 months and the virgin olive oil extracted from it if opened can last up to 12-18 months. After this period the olive can go rancid according to the Healthline.

However, talking about the unopened olive oil, if stored properly an unopened olive oil can last as long as 2 years in its best condition. To Be very specific an unopened olive oil can last up to 20-24 years.

This comes with a precaution that you have to store it in a proper cool and dry place with an accurate temperature. If not stored properly It can go bad before the span of time. and then you’ll have to check it by other means if it has gone bad or not.


How to store Olive Oil properly?

They key to store any product is to store it properly, olive oil and such essential fruit oil can only last long if they are stored at a particular temperature and away from sunlight. Let us know, how to store it perfectly.

Olive oil should be stored at a cool and dark place, it can be a refrigerator, a pantry or a shelf away from sunlight.

The idea behind storing the olive oil at a dark place or in a dark container like dark green, dark blue or black is really interesting. The dark covering will avoid any light from entering the container and prevent the olive oil from going bad.

Light is a bad element for olive oil as it oxidises and breakdowns the that from the oil. Another thing that can oxidise olive oil is excess oxygen or exposure to heat.

How to tell if olive has expired?

There are many ways to check it the olive oil has expired or not. The ways to check if olive oil has expired is actually similar to many other products, but still let us check.

1. Looking at the expiration date

The easiest way is to check the expiration date on the packaging of the Olive oil, it is always there so do not worry, now as per some rules it is mandatory to mention the expiration date. The number of months mentioned is followed by a M. The symbol for that period after opening (PAO) indicates how many months the product will expire after opening. Remembering which month, you opened it around is helpful.

2. Smell

Everyone of us know how does olive oil smells, it smells like fresh olives and a hint of oil. So, to check if it has gone bad you can take a sniff and decide weather it has gone bad or not. If it smells bad or different or sour that is a clear sign that your olive oil has expired.

3. Checking the color

If you have clear bottle than you can recognize if the color has changed or not. In a dark or close bottle pout some oil in a clear container to look about any color change, if the color has changed then it must have expired.

Here is the video about olive oil.

How to use expired olive oil on skin?

In case your olive oil has expired do not worry, it is safe to use expired olive oil on your skin. read below to know more about this. Here are 3 best ways to use Olive Oil as an expired olive oil on skin.

1.      Exfoliating scrub

Even if the olive has expired you can use it as a exfoliating scrub because of its penetrating properties, it removed dead cells and cleans the skin, all you have to do it drop a little bit of expired olive oil scrub on the cotton pad and apply it on your skin for 5 to 10 min.

For a change you can mixt the olive oil with sugar, salt or coffee.

2.      Moisturiser for dry skin.

Olive oil is in fused with vitamins and is very hydrating properties which does not perishes even after expiration date. You can use your expired Olive oil as a moisturiser for dry skin. The best thing about this is unlike many moisturisers It does not clog pores.

3.      Makeup remover

Instead of investing in chemical makeup removers and cleansers you can use your expired olive for removing your makeup. As mentioned, it has penetrative properties so it cleans your face really well.

What you have to do is take few drops of expired olive oil a cotton pad and use to wipe off the layers of foundation from your face and eyeliner and mascara from your eyes without causing any skin irritation.

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