Is lipstick edible?

Worried about how one time you ate your lipstick as a child or even now your lipstick just vanishes from your lips as you ate it. it is of course a matter of worry as we accidentally lick our lipstick and it is possible anyways to be so close to the lips.

Is lipstick edible?

After studies, it has been made clear that lipstick is not edible. However, if you put a little amount of it inside your mouth while eating, talking, or kissing it may not harm you much. But unfortunately, their lipstick is made up of many harmful chemicals. For that, you can choose amongst various other alternatives.

It can freak anyone out when you come to know that lipstick is this dangerous but there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from.

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What are some dangerous ingredients in lipstick?

It is important to know what ingredients make lipstick harmful so that you can easily avoid those lipsticks which are made up of them.

Before buying any lipstick look into the ingredient list and buy accordingly.

The formula used in some lipstick is not harmful when eaten. Even if you are not swallowing it, applying this lipstick can harm your lips. lips are very sensitive and absorbent they are affected badly with these lipsticks.

Carcinogen cadmium, significant concentrations of lead were found in lipsticks that is a very harmful element.

According to a report by the FDA around 24 lipstick brands use these harmful metal elements in their lipsticks. And there are around 400 lipsticks in the market which have these ingredients.

When such elements go inside your mouth it can cause some effect. Sometimes it all happens by default so it is better to avoid lipsticks with such harmful elements.

But the thing is, unfortunately, this particular element is a contaminated item so it is not listed on the ingredient list.

The only way you can save yourself from this is to apply it carefully.


How can you avoid these harmful elements?

There is no way you can identify these harmful methods in lipstick or neither these lipstick brands will stop using them.

The FDA can’t even ask them to stop it but the good news is that a lot of natural lipsticks are being available in the market.

The natural product market is emerging and choosing those products will be a lot safer than that.

A very famous mainstream brand M.A.C offers lead-free products. You can try them or either look for products that are 100% natural or choose these high-end brands.

You can also make your lipstick for being extra sure.

You can take an organic lipstick class and start making your lipstick. There are a couple of small businesses that provide handmade lipstick that are 100% natural.


How to remove lipstick completely off the lips?

It is always important to remove your lipstick off your lips to lower the risk of any harm. So it is better to remove lipsticks completely.

You can either use micellar water, Toner, petroleum jelly, or essential oils to remove or lipstick entirely.

Start with applying any one of them on your lips and then using a cleanser to wipe it off completely.

Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm to heal.

Final words

Using 100% natural lipsticks doesn’t mean it can be eaten or is edible.

Be careful while talking or eating something while kissing you may warn your partner to wait until you remove the lipstick.

Do not apply lipsticks regularly, you can either use lip glosses or lip tints to save yourself from harm.

Well never compromise on natural beauty for cosmetics.

Hope this helps!

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