Does lipstick contain animal fat?

We are in a generation where every product has either harmful products or animal fat. Few of them are 100% natural. The only good news about that is a lot of natural and vegan brands are growing day by day. lipstick is one of my favorite products and I guess it must be yours too.

But, does lipstick contain animal fat?

Unfortunately, Yes! lipstick contains animal fat. But, not all, few makeup brands do not use any kind of animal fat in their lipsticks. And that is very tricky to know whether your lipstick contains animal fat or not as sometimes it is not lined up amongst the list of ingredients.

You should know about how lipstick uses animal fat and the alternatives and how to check whether your product is vegan or not.


How is Animal fat found in lipstick?

Lanonil is the oil derived from animals which is the most commonly used lipstick. Lanolin is extracted from sheep’s skin while shredding the natural body which is present in the skin of the sheep.

Most of the time they gather it from the waste of the meat industry.

They do not mention it directly on the list rather they name it as “wool fat, wool wax, lanolin alcohol, lanolin acid, aliphatic alcohol, cholesterin, ester alcohol, isopropyl lanceolate, laneth, lanogene, Lanosterols, triterpene alcohols, [and] lanothionine, so look for it accordingly.

Another product like glycerine and oleic acid is derived from animal fat. Glycerin is also made from vegetable oil so keep that in mind.

But most of the time animal fate is used mostly as oils only. Lipstick can totally be made without the oil extracted from animal fat.

This animal fat is not even safe for most people.

Apart from animal fat, animal urine, animal skin, bones, feathers, etc. are used in the cosmetic product. It is better to look for an alternative for lipsticks.

Here is the video about animal fat lipstick

What else can be used besides animal fat lipstick?

The best option is to find a vegan product.

Vegan products are never tested on animals and they do not contain any animal products or by-products. Such products are safe to use. they are mostly made of natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oils.

Shea butter and palm butter lipsticks are also fat-free lipsticks that you can try. Use 100% natural products from organic brands.

They can be a little expensive but they do not contain any animal fat.

But, in my opinion, you must go for a vegan brand only. Read below to know how to identify vegan brands.


How to identify Vegan makeup products?

Vegan makeup products are products that are manufactured cruelty-free.

Identify vegan brands

Various brands promote veganism and openly claim it like Jeffree star cosmetics, plum, disguise. Other brands which do not advertise as vegan brands may be fit for vegans.

Identifying vegan products

To identify vegan products the very first step is to look into the company’s policy. If the company claims that they are a vegan or cruelty-free brand then it is pretty clear that they are one.

Look into the ingredients

The second is to look at whether the products are being tested on animals or not. You also have to look at ingredients a makeup is made up from to be fully sure about that.

There are a handful of makeup brands that are vegan so it is not much of an issue. Veganism is increasing at a rapid speed and so is the vegan market which pulls you out of concern


Brands that use animal fat

Here is a little warning for you guys. Listing some brands that include animal fat below so you stay awake while buying lipsticks from them.

  • Olay Skin Care Products Cover Girl
  • Avon
  • Neutrogena
  • Physician Formula
  • Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Important: The motive of this article is just to tell which brand contains animal fat. It doesn’t say anything against any brand. At the end of the day, it depends on your choice. You can buy whatever products you like.


Brands that do not use animal fat

Listing some of the brands that do not use any animal fats in their lipstick.

  • Smashbox
  • Urban decay
  • Too faced lipstick
  • Generation gee lipstick

You can go for these products any day if you are looking for a fat-free product

Hope this helps!

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