Is hairspray bad for your hair?

You will be using hairspray quite often to set up your hairstyle. Hairspray is used vividly by hairstylists and makeup artists, just like setting spray it fixes your hairstyle. It is one of the most useful products that is used during long events and shoots.

Certain chemicals mix up and make hairspray so –

Is hairspray bad for your hair?

Hairspray is a product especially made for hair. So, it does not cause damage to your hair unless you use it in excess. Else, it can do damage if you use hairspray that contains very harsh chemicals. To check that, have a look at the component label.

There are various reasons for which you might not use hairspray or use very little hair spray.

It can be the quality of hair, the volume or your hair may be brittle. Keep these factors in mind before buying a hairspray.

How does hairspray damage your hair and its Side effects?

Hairspray is made up of certain polymers and solvents which can irritate your nose, throat, skin, and eyes. And for that reason, hairspray is sprayed from a distance and very carefully.

Excess use of hairspray can make your hair very dry and shabby. The ingredients present in them are common with glue and paint and just like that excess settlement of spray on your hair can make it stiff.

Some hairspray even contains ethanol which is not safe for hair scalp and can cause irritation and redness. The build-up of hairspray can also make your scalp greasy which is hardly removed by shampooing.

Regular use of hairspray leads to a larger no of split ends.


How does hairspray work?

Hairspray is used to set your hairstyle, increase volume, texture and keep away fly away. When you spray hairspray onto your hairstyle the polymers present in it lock the texture of the hairstyle.

Using excess hairspray may lower the impact of your hairstyle by making it dull. To avoid this, use hairspray that contains Vitamin E, panthenol.

Hairspray works best when using it a little away from the hairline. This avoids unnecessary build-ups and excess product from going into your hair. You need only a little amount of that product to fix your hairstyle.

Nowadays, experts have also found out different ways to apply hairspray like applying hairspray through a brush. Well, you need to let the hairspray dry completely first.

Hairspray works well only when applied correctly, read further to know more.


How to safely apply hairspray?

Here are some steps and tips to apply your hairspray correctly to avoid any kind of damage.

1. Make sure your hair is clean

Hairspray works well on clean hair. wash your hair before applying hairspray.

No grease or built-up should be present at the time you are applying hairspray. After washing, remove the tangles.

Now you have the perfect hair for using hairspray.

2. Your hair should be dry

Using hair on wet hair will not give any results and even make your hair verse. So, dry your hair completely before using hairspray. Both air-dried or blow-dried hair works well.

3. select a correct hairspray

The choice of your hairspray should depend on your looks.

If you are looking forward to a shiny look or you want voluminous hair, pick a hairspray that is great in your desired field and gives you the exact look you want.

There are a couple of products available in the market that work for each different look.

4. Keep your distance

Every time you spray a little away from your hairline. Hold the nozzle at least 15 cm away from your hair. to get the only amount of spray needed.

5. Spray evenly

Spray all over your head, do not just spray all the product in the one place that will create an uneven look.

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