How to make matte lipstick creamy?

Fashion is ever-evolving but nothing ever really goes out of fashion, it may be out of trend for a while but after some years or decades, it will probably re-emerge with a twist. Lipstick is one of those makeup trends that changes and though shiny lipstick is still popular, the matte lipstick craze is taking everyone over. 


Matte lipsticks give a bold and sophisticated look which is the reason for their popularity. Various companies are coming forward with various formulas to create matte and are introducing a wide range of shades to appeal to matte lovers. 


What makes matte lipstick different from the creamy, glossy/shiny lipsticks are the difference in proportions or ratio of the ingredients used to create them. The main ingredients used for the production of lipsticks are wax, oil and pigments, and the difference in the ratio of these ingredients make all the difference. Like how less wax and more oil is what makes lip gloss, more wax and pigments make lipstick matte.


The difference in the ratio is what gives matte lipstick the properties that make it opaque, deeply coloured, long-lasting and dry texture. The texture of the lipstick is such that it highlights the surface of the lips showing the lines and the dry texture might also make it uncomfortable for some to wear. 


This article is to give you a guide on ‘how to make your matte lipstick creamy’? Making the matte more creamy makes it more comfortable to wear on lips. 


To make matte lipstick creamy, apply creamy lip balm after applying the matte lipstick. Since creamy lip balms are not clear make sure to get the right shade of lip balm that goes well with the lipstick, to find the right lip balm you might have to experiment with a variety of them and find the right one. And when you use the lip balm to make it creamy make sure to use a shade darker than the colour you want so that after applying the balm you will have the desired colour, as applying the lip balm might lighten the shade a bit after blending. 


 To get the best result make sure to use lipstick with at least any one of the following ingredients 

  •   Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter


Make Matte lipstick glossy


If you want to add a little bit more spice, then you can make the matte glossy. To make them glossy and make them a bit more ‘sexy’, do the following:

  1. Clear lip gloss
  2. Vaseline

                Apply the matte lipstick of your desired shade as usual and apply a layer of vaseline or lip gloss on top of it. 


If you follow either of the above methods to make it glossy or creamy there is a chance that it will be sticky. So to prevent the stickiness apply a layer of translucent/baby powder on the surface of the matte lipstick, which will act as a dry barrier by forming a layer on the surface of the lips and will prevent stickiness. 


 How to make your lipstick matte?


  If you don’t want to spend money on matte lipstick as well as classic lipstick, then the best way is to make your normal lipstick matte. To do that follow these steps:


 Step 1: Prep your lips properly by exfoliating(optional) and by applying lip balm to make the lips softer and easier to apply lipstick.


 Step 2: Apply the lipstick of your choice, either using a brush or directly.


 Step 3: After applying the lipstick, use tissue paper to soak up any liquid/ moisture, make sure that the colour did not fade much during this. This will help in mattifying the lipstick. You can also use blotting paper instead of tissue paper for this step.


Step 4: To mattify your lips more apply translucent powder on your lips using a brush or sponge applicator. One can also swap translucent powder with compact powder.


Step 5: Apply the powder evenly on your lips and make sure to cover the entire lips. Set the powder with the same sponge or with a flat applicator brush.


Step 6: And as usual press your lips together. During this process the colour of the lipstick will fade a little, so make sure to apply lipstick a shade darker than the colour you want.


Tip: You can also use eyeshadow instead of translucent powder to mattify lips, it will also give an added colour to the lips.


 This will give your lips the matte finish look without having to buy matte lipstick.


  Now matte lipsticks are usually long-lasting compared to classic lipsticks and lip gloss. So the easiest step will be to swap lip gloss or shiny lipsticks with matte ones on a busy day. But if you need to make your lipsticks more lasting and doesn’t want to keep reapplying lipstick then you can this to make it last long: 


  •  Start with the most obvious step, exfoliate and apply lip balm.
  • Prime your lips using a tiny amount of concealer or lightweight foundations. This will help in smoothing the lips by filling in cracks. This will make it easier to apply lipstick and will also make the lips look even after applying matte lipstick.
  • Wear the lipstick of your choice, as mentioned on a particularly busy day, make sure to use a matte. 
  • Set your lips by bloating the excess with tissue paper. Apply a second coat to compensate for the colour loss and bloat again using tissue. Finally, use translucent powder to set your lipstick properly.


 So wear the lipstick of your choice, the way you want and enjoy your day outside. Unfortunately, you can’t show it off much because of corona but wear your mask to stay safe and show off your colourful lips once the pandemic is over.

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