Why is my black hair turning red? How to fix it?

Hormonal changes that occur over time include changes in hair and eye color. The modifications may differ depending on our genes. 

There have been cases where black hair color changes naturally.


More specifically, why does black colored hair turn red?


Hair color changes as a result of pigment alterations. Melanin is the pigment responsible for hair color. The same pigment gives our skin its color. This color change can happen due to exposure to sunlight,  genetics, improper lifestyle or using chemical based bleaching products on hair.


To go more into Melanin research, there are two types: pheomelanin and eumelanin. Both are important for pigment production, but the quantity of pheomelanin determines the red color of your hair.


Why is my hair turning red and how to fix it?


The following are some of the most prevalent causes of hair turning red:


1) Spending too much time in sunlight

The main and most prevalent cause of hair turning red is everyday exposure to sunshine. This applies only to dark-colored hair, such as brown and black.


Because brown and black hair contains a red foundation. If you stay out in the sun for too long, the red will become more visible. Why?


The sun, on the other hand, bleaches and destroys the pigment in your hair. This enables your dark hair to progressively lighten into the red.


Excessive sun exposure causes red streaks in your hair. You may detect a crimson tinge in your black hair from time to time. You may possibly get a darkish rusty red hair color as a result of this.


What is the solution?


You must refrain from spending too much time in the sun. If you are unable to do so, we recommend tying your hair up. Then, to shield it from the sun, use a hat or scarf.


Finally, apply a toning wash to eliminate the red tones from your hair.


2) Genetic or Hormones

Our eye and hair color are now dictated by genes. And, in case you didn’t know, genes may be turned on and off during a person’s life. 


As a result, hair color might undoubtedly alter throughout time. The pigment-producing gene is responsible for altering hair color. It’s known as melanin. This pigment is also responsible for skin color variations.


This problem of the hair pigment genes switching on and off can be caused by a variety of causes. Changes in hormones, for example, might induce changes in hair color. So there you have it! Another cause for the redness in your hair.


What is the solution?


You can’t stop the red color whether it’s caused by hormones or genes. All you have to do is embrace the color.


However, if you believe that red does not suit you. Then you may always color your hair to match your prior hue or to try something different.


3) Improper lifestyle

The other factor is a bad diet and way of living. Malnutrition can cause changes in the color of your black hair. 


Kwashiorkor, for example, can color your hair red. It occurs as a result of a protein deficit. That is why it is also known as protein malnutrition.


This deficit is only found in a few countries. For example, in nations where people’s diets are heavy in starch and low in protein. These countries include Africa, Lebanon, Italy, India, and the United Kingdom, among others.


In another African dialect, Kwashiorkor means “Red lad.” As a result, it’s reasonable to assume that red hair is the most noticeable symptom. The illness causes the individual suffering from it to become orangish-red.


What is the solution?


You should see a doctor if you have this condition. And follow his/her instructions.


To start removing the red color from your hair, you’ll need to eat a lot of protein. However, you may want to try the toning shampoos as well.


4) Using chemical-based lightening treatments or bleaching products

Chemicals might also cause your hair to become red. So, let’s find out how chemicals cause your hair to turn red.


To begin with, hard water may be a significant issue in some families. Because using it can badly harm you. Whether it’s for your health or your hair.


Sulfur water, for example, may make your hair smell awful. It can potentially cause skin illness if you don’t act promptly.


Hard water now has a high concentration of iron. People frequently see their color-treated hair fading as a result of this. Furthermore, the natural color of the hair might transform into a new hue.


Iron levels in hard water are high, which acts as an oxidant and causes hair color to alter. However, the outcomes will vary depending on the kind of hair.


Furthermore, if you continue to wash your hair in this water, your hair will get lighter. For example, you’ll get more orange tones.


What is the solution?


First and foremost, you must install a water softening system. You’ll be able to keep your hair from turning redder this way. Then, to balance the red pigments in your hair, use a toning shampoo.


5) Using harsh shampoos

Not all shampoos are beneficial to your hair. Some include hazardous chemicals such as sulfate and other strong cleaning agents. These factors cause your hair to dry after each wash. 


As a result, your hair color will gradually lighten.


If you have lightened your blonde hair, the underlying color yellow will begin to show. The underlying colors of darker hair, such as light brown to black, are orange to red.


So, yes, shampoos containing harsh chemicals will undoubtedly affect the color of your hair. Furthermore, if you do not discontinue their use, your hair will suffer severe damage. 


You’ll notice that your hair is falling out and breaking.


As a result of these difficulties, you will have little broken hair strands on your head. And this is undoubtedly unappealing and quite difficult to manage.


What is the solution?


First, you must examine the shampoo’s components. This way, you’ll know whether or not the shampoo contains sulfate. If you answered yes, you must stop using it immediately.


Get a toning shampoo instead of that shampoo. This will help you progressively tone down the red hue while keeping your hair smooth.


What is the best way to protect black hair from becoming red?


To get it healed or corrected, you should seek the advice of a hair specialist or visit a reputable hair salon. 


They would be able to determine the core reason for your recent red hair color and provide treatments to help decrease the symptoms.


They will most likely apply fresh color to the top of your hair to cover up the red. You may also use products to keep your black hair from becoming red.


The top three things that individuals do to keep their black from becoming red:

  • Color therapy
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Use a sun protection shampoo


The most frequent treatment for individuals who overexpose their hair to the sun is to use sun protection. 


It helps to preserve the natural black color of the hair without inflicting any harm to the hair.

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