How to fix uneven bleached hair?

Earlier when one needs a change to their appearance they will cut their hair, well now the trend has changed, it is the era of hair colouring, from brown to electric blue, the choices are plenty.


Hair colouring is easy if you have light coloured hair(blonde etc.) because then one need not go through the painful process of bleaching, which also damages one’s hair.


Hair bleaching is a kind of colour dye technique in which the chemical used will strip the coloured pigment out of the strands through oxidation. As mentioned, it is a difficult and, at times, painful process.


 Hair bleaching is usually done by people with dark hair so that when you dye it using your desired colour, it is more visible and does not get lost in the natural dark tone of the hair.


  When you bleach the hair, especially if you do it at home by yourself, it is possible to get unevenly bleached hair, which may not be that pleasant to the eyes. And if you wanted to try something new on your hair and ended up messing it up and thus resulting in the above-said scenario of uneven hair.


So, how to fix uneven bleached hair?


Few ways to fix uneven bleached hairs are colouring with a darker colour, applying the bleach, using toning shampoos and spot bleaching.


Ways to fix uneven bleached hair


  1.    Colour it with a Darker colour:  The easiest way to fix this mishap would be to colour your hair with a dark colour like brown or the good old black. These darker hair shades are less likely to be affected by the unevenness caused by bleaching. After giving your hair time to heal from this, you can bleach it the correct way and dye it with your desired colour but make sure to give your hair its recovery time.
  2. Reapply bleach: After a good few weeks reapply the bleach to give your hair a more even tone. While re-bleaching, make sure to follow the correct procedures and do not repeat the same mistake. (Scroll down to see how to bleach your hair and the reasons for unevenly bleached hair). This is only possible if you don’t mind showing your uneven hair for a period.
  3. Toning Shampoos: Toning shampoos and conditioners contain pigmented formulas(like purple) that help cancel out brassy tones in the hair. You can fix green strands using red-coloured shampoo and conditioners, brassy or orange hues can be corrected using Blue shampoos and conditioners, yellow tones can be fixed using purple shampoos. Make sure you use the correct product on your hair.
  4. Spot Bleaching:  If it is your first time dying on your own and you missed a spot or two while bleaching and did not notice it right away, then this technique is for you. In spot bleaching, a person will only bleach the missed spot instead of re-applying the bleach all over the hair once again. Be cautious of the amount of bleach used and make sure to apply it evenly on the spot.


Reasons for unevenly bleached hair


          There could be a few reasons why your endeavour ended up being a minute failure. Let’s go through it one by one:


  • Dark Base colour

                                 If you have really dark hair(dark brown or black) then the bleaching will turn the hair into orange or red colour because dark hair is mainly made up of red pigments.


  • Uneven application of the mixture

                        Just like how proper mixing of bleach is important, evenly applying the mixture to your is also important. The most common reason why people end up having uneven hair tone is because of the uneven application of mixture on the hair. In order to ensure even application of the mixture onto the hair, separate the hair into different sections and then apply bleach on to them starting from the end and moving towards the end. And make sure not to just down the remaining mixture into random spots just to finish the mixture.


  • The proper preparation of the product mixture

                          Make sure to follow the procedure as mentioned in the pamphlet and do not freestyle while preparing the mixture. Make sure to add the correct proportions and mix it thoroughly.

  • The mixture was not left on for enough time

                     As said, application of dye is an important process and that process will be completely useless if you don’t leave it on your hair for long enough you won’t get a desirable result. The product will most probably come with instructions on how long it should be left on according to one’s hair colour.


  • Wrong Product

                    Make sure to pick the right product taking into consideration your hair type. Don’t compromise on that based on the price, there are plenty of products of good quality available at cheaper prices.


   Bleaching your hair can be a painful, tricky and frustrating process but with the help of the right products and by following the steps carefully you can get perfectly bleached hair.


How to bleach your hair properly at home?

 Before starting make sure you are wearing an old top and have all the supplies needed to bleach your hair near you and are not scattered across the whole apartment. Don’t forget to cover your hands with gloves.


 Step 1:  For the sake of even and easy application, part your hair into different sections.

 Step 2: Mix the bleach and developer in the proportions as mentioned in the pamphlet that came with the product. Mix thoroughly and make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture.

Step 3: Start applying the bleach to the hair. while applying make sure that you start from the hair end and work your way up to at least 1 inch away from the root. It is recommended to apply bleach on the roots at the end.

Step 4: As soon as you are done with applying the mixture, cover them with a shower cap or plastic wrap.

Step 5: The final step is to leave it on for a required period of time and let the bleach do its work. Once the required period is over, rinse the hair thoroughly and dry it.


 Step 6: This step is for post bleaching hair care. As you know bleaching is a very damaging process to air so make sure to take care of your hair and scalp that went through this painful process.


 The process of bleaching your hair can be frustrating, painful and tricky, but once you follow the procedures correctly and use the right product then you can get perfectly bleached hair at home.


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