What Makeup is perfect with black outfit?

You can never go wrong with black, and I guess it is quite proven after Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look. black is such a color that is always a safe pick, but I think I won’t be wrong if I say it is quite tricky to choose makeup to wear with it.


It is because black can be both basic as well OTT but the point is you do not want any makeup that looks less than basic and more glam. 


Here we will tell you what makeup is perfect with the black outfit? 

When you wear black you can either go for heavy eyes or heavy lips or minimal to both. Make sure whatever you do compliments black and not just makes you look heavy.


There is no such fixed look and that is why here is a list of some tips for you when you wear a black dress.


What lipstick shade is perfect for a black dress?


A lipstick can define whether your look is perfect or not. It can change your entire face and take it to another level. Here is a list of a few lipsticks that can elevate your look in a black dress. ‘


  1.     Red with Blue Undertone


Red lipstick with a blue undertone will make you go from bland to sexy within a minute. It is by far the best choice with a little black dress. A lot of celebs also depend on this look to go safe and sexy they shouldn’t you. Mac Ruby woo will be the best to come under this shade.


  1. Tomato Red


If your day is not going well or your face looks dull then this shade will suddenly energize your vibes and makeup and make you look happier than before. It instantly brightens your look and gives an enhanced look.


  1. Orange


When you don’t want to go as dark as red but still want to be in that color family so Orange is the color that will work perfectly in that case. This color can be applied both days as well as nights because of its minimalistic shade.


  1. Fushia Pink

  Now, if you want to change your tone to a little girly and a little cooler tone then Fushia Pink is the color. If you want to attend a New Year’s Eve party wearing a black dress, a pink lipstick will be the best choice. Also, if you are wearing a black dress in the daytime, pick pink lipstick to add a cheerful vibe.


  1.     Nude shade


Not just black, but nude shade goes with every color. It gives a classy feeling and looks like you haven’t put any effort into your look. Nude lipstick compliments the look perfectly. You can pick a nude that suits your skin tone and you will rock your black dress with perfection.


What Eyeshadow looks perfect with black dress


  1.     Electric blue eyes


Listening to this you might be in a little doubt but the weird it sounds good it looks on a little black dress. This look is perfect for a big event where you need to be the star of the show. It is a little extra no doubt but the black dress will complement this eyeshadow making you look super sexy in it. Pair it up with a simple glossy lip for look enhancement

  1.     Quick charcoal Smokey eyes


It is simply not possible to talk about a black dress and leave the Smokey eyes behind us. A charcoal smokey eyes will sort everything out for you. It is perfect for a night look. you can add a little bit of sparkle in the eyes to make it look more glam and pair it up with nude lipstick.


  1.     Simply going with nudes with a perfect winged liner


A black dress is enough for a statement sometimes and for those times what you can do is to just apply some nudes on the lid keeping it no makeup and then applying a winged liner to make it the best. No doubt this looks so fab.


What is the perfect makeup look for a black dress?


  1.     Bold and Bright


This overall makeup look is I guess my favorite of all and it is justified as well. Keeping the lips bold and bright and going with minimal eye makeup is what this look is all about. Those mesmerizing bold and beautiful lips will give you a perfect look.


  1.     Classic Lines


This makeup look will make you feel like Gigi Hadid of your own world, the look is worn the most by her and now it is your time. This look is all about any lipstick paired up with liquid liner and you are done. The lipsticks mentioned above will help you with this look.


  1.     Smoldering Eyes, Bold Brows


Smoldering eyes and bold brows are a “win win” situation for a black dress. Making the eyes dramatic, shaping your brows to perfection, and adding a bold red lipstick on the lips to complete the look is what all you need.


  1.     Rose Gold Sheen


Rose gold eyes with nude lipstick will compliment your black dress for eternity. The minimal look where the eyes will hold the attention and not let it go from the face simultaneously, not stealing the show of your black dress is what this look is all about. This look is perfect for a day outing and a lazy dinner date.


  1.     Light Shadow Hues


This look is simple yet complicated, you need to apply light nude shadow on the top and bottom of your eyelids for a mysterious look. It looks so elegant and first, every occasion to its best. This works as a great alternative to smoky eye looks when you’re pressed for time or want to keep your look a bit more natural.

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