Is balayage damaging for hair?

Personally, speaking I love balayage hair and the fact that it is getting so much hype day by day is so justified because these hairs look so natural and graduated that it is impossible for one to resist themselves from getting these.

But looking so good also puts us to question – 

Is Balayage damaging for hair? 

No balayage does not damage your hair. Your stylist knows what they are doing and there is no such case where balayage has damaged the hair.

This is a professional procedure, so the risk factor is minimal though every chemical process comes with a con which is in this case too. And for that also, you can treat and pamper your hair. That’s it, no worries.

Seems like you need to know a lot about balayage, this article has complete information regarding it.

What Exactly is Balayage?

Balayage is simply a hair effect in which the actually painted or being very clear they are swept through your hair on just any random section of your hair.

What makes them totally different from the highlights is that when you decide to highlight your hair you actually decide the strands you want to get highlighted, but when you go for Balayage the color is painted randomly on your strands for a very natural look.

One more thing which keeps Balayage completely in a different box is that it is totally different from the foil highlighting way the colour is directly applied on to the strands like the traditional hair coloring.

Sometimes the balayage technique is confused with the ombre effect. And of course, that the effect is quite similar but balayage is way not just an effect it’s a whole technique.

How is Balayage different from Ombre?

Both Ombre and Balayage give a gradient sort of effect which is why people confuse them with each other. Balayage is very similar to ombre as just like Ombre it gets from darker to lighter.

But the first difference is that ombre does not look that natural, however Balayage is purposely made to look natural, whether it is the highlighting style or the choice of strands, everything is done very naturally and on the spot unlike ombre.

Ombre is just the end result which you get after the procedure is done, however Balayage is a whole technique which is done from the start to the end.

Ombre looks over dramatic to look whereas, the Balayage is a very natural look. and stylists work very precisely to make sure that that doesn’t look as if it’s done. And hence, you can say the ombre is not that noticeable than Balayage.

How is balayage different from highlights?

I hope that it is clear to you that Balayage is very different from ombre and now let me also tell you that highlights are also not the same as Balayage.

When highlighting it is pre planned what strands are we going to choose but when it comes to Balayage the hair strands are painted in a random manner for a natural effect.

And this is the main reason which makes highlights different from balayage, highlights are very uniform and subtle and highlights are done in a very organic way and on the other hand Balayage is done with freehand.

But this doesn’t mean that Balayage does not need any persistence or skills. It is equally or even more tough to get that natural effect on your hair.

Will Balayage look good on dark hair?

Yes! Of course Balayage looks good on dark hair, in fact it looks good on every hair color, length and type which is the best thing about this technique and you can go for it without a doubt.

I know where this question comes from as Balayage is mostly seen on people with blonde hair but mind me it looks equally fab on dark hair, be it black, dark brown, brunettes.

But the catch is that you have to pick a perfect color, in that case your stylist will help you and I am sure he or she will choose the perfect pick for you.  


How to balayage on dark hair?

You can follow this video for your reference –

Pros and cons of Balayage


  • Balayage is very low maintenance hair treatment which doesn’t require any kind of specialised color protective shampoo or product.
  • Once, you have got you new Balayage here you are tension free as you don’t have to worry how your hair is growing as told several time before the hair are painted naturally so matter how your hair grows it is not going to effect your look.
  • Balayage makes your hair looks so healthy and gives dimensions to it. you hair will look voluminous, thicker and fuller.
  • Balayage is especially customised for everyone according to their look, the color is hand painted on your roots for a very beautiful effect.
  • One of the best things about Balayage is that it fits each and every hair color, style, length and type


  • Balayage can be little hard on your pockets, as it is done by trained professionals it required patience and skills.
  • You need a whole day for this process, a whole day might be very much but it is nit less than that too, it is very lengthy process, as you know that each strand is hand painted it requires time to get through perfection.
  •  It is not very easy to get Balayage done, once you have dyed the hair then it actually becomes very tough to get lift the color from that hair.


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