Liquid gel nails vs gel polish

Plenty of options are available when it comes to nails. All these options are different from each other in various ways like the way it is applied, their durability cost, and many other things. But it become really tough for us to decide which one we should pick.


So, keeping that in mind let us cover liquid gel nails V/S gel polish


The main difference between liquid gel nails and gel polish is their application time. Gel nail polish is just like any other nail polish which is applied directly on the nails whereas liquid gel nails come under a manicure process which is quite lengthy.

Both of them hold huge differences between themselves which we will discuss further in this article. We will also read what these nails are basically and how they are applied in detail. As their application is what makes them different from each other altogether while discussing the other point of differences.


What are liquid gel nails and how is it applied?


Gel nails are really classy and a statement for your hand. They are durable than many manicures and are. It is safe and adds a protective layer to your natural nails.

Gel nails are a three-step manicure that consists of gel nail polish and are fixed or dried with the help of UV rays or LED lamps. Several coatings of gel polishes are applied to desired results. The whole procedure takes up

It is quite simple to apply gel nails.


Your nails are prepared before the application of your nails. they are filed according to your desired shape. Round, square, oval, etc. after that cuticle oil is applied to your fingers, and cuticles are pushed back


Next, the first layer of the base coat is applied. This layer is purposely kept thin and then dried with the use of UV rays and a LED Lamp.


When the basecoat is dried perfectly, the color gel is applied. This layer is also as thin as the first one. Each layer is cured with UV rays.


Now the last layer of color gel is applied very smoothly and with perfection and is dried the same way


After that, all the excess is removed and your hands are cleaned from all the sides. And voila! You’re done!


If you want to try applying gel nails at your home you can check out this video by Jessica Angelique Matini – 


What is gel nail polish and how is it applied?


Gel polish comes like any other regular nail polish in a bottle, the difference is the result that nail polish is exactly like liquid gel nails which you get done from the salon. The gel nail polish has a different texture from regular nail polish. The nail polish is gel-based which is why it is called gel nail polish.

How is gel nail polish applied? –

The first step is to file your nails gently for a perfect shape and push back the cuticles, As grooming, your nails are really important.


Then wipe your nails with an alcohol wipe so that it is cleaned completely.


The next step is to use a primer before applying the nail polish, you can totally skip this step but primer will give a good base for nail polish


Now you can head on the gel base coat for a refined base, make sure you apply it on the bottom of your nail first moving all the way upwards. This step will take the whole surface smooth and make sure that your natural nails are protected.


Now you can apply gel polish on your nails carefully, if you apply any gel polish on your skin by mistake then use a q tip to remove it.


After applying the gel polish, you can air dry them just like any other nail polish.


Difference between nail polish and liquid gel nails




Liquid gel nails are much costlier than gel nail polish as you can buy gel nail polish at cheaper prices than going to the salon for a manicure.




If you look at the procedure of applying liquid gel polish and gel nail polish it is quite the same except that liquid gel nails are dried in LED lights whereas gel polish can be dried in the air as well.




Liquid gel nails are more durable than any gel polish. Gel nail polish can come off easily but liquid gel nails will be there for 4-5 weeks easily.




The appearance of both the nails is quite the same, they both look the same but as liquid gel nails are done by the professionals during a session, they look neater.  


Best gel nail polish to buy


Here is from where you can buy gel nail polish

  1. Essie gel couture nail polish


This nail polish provides the best coverage, and its unique bottle shape and brush design are very helpful in applying nail polish to perfection. It is an affordable gel polish.


  1. Nails inc. Gel effect polish


Love shiny nails? then this one is exactly for you. This nail polish provides super shiny nails, just like the ones you like. The finish of this nail polish is more smothered than you can imagine. The formula of this nail paint is thicker than any usual nail polish.


  1. OPI Infinite Shine Long Lasting Nail Polish


This nail polish is a savior for beginners, if you are going to paint your nails at home for the first time then you can buy this gel polish as the applicator is easy to hold. Their color family is quite huge to select in.


  1. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish


This gel nail polish is my personal favorite! You can buy this one as it is super affordable and works like butter on the nails. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal on gel polish than this drugstore darling. To break it down for you in numbers, in just two steps you’ll get a minimum of 7 days of wear and there are 46 different shades to choose from

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