Why does gel nail polish bubble? How to fix it?

Doing a perfect gel nail manicure and then end up getting bubbles in them is very annoying. It takes years to learn a perfect gel manicure and after ages when you learn it and get bubbles after the entire step then you need to get to know why it is happening.

And only for that reason we will be discussing why gel nail polish bubbles? 

The reason why nail polish gel bubbles is either it is too old or it is thicker than it should be. Applying thick coats of nail polish can also be the reason for the bubbles in gel nail polish.

Now, how to fix gel nail polish bubbles? 

Nail polish bubbles can be fixed by UV or Led lamps, in case it is not being fixed you can make your look better by adding a few glitters on it and giving it a gradient look.

There are ways to prevent nail polish bubbles too. We will discuss that as well, but first let us know a little about gel nails.

What is gel nail polish and how is it applied?

Gel polish comes like any other regular nail polish in a bottle, the difference is the end result of that nail polish is exactly like liquid gel nails which you get it done from the salon. The gel nail polish has a different texture from a regular nail polish. The nail polish is gel based which is why it is called gel nail polish.

How is gel nail polish applied?

  • The first step is to file your nails gently for a perfect shape and push back the cuticles, As grooming your nails are really important.
  • Then wipe your nails with an Alcohol wipe so that it is cleaned completely.
  • The next step is to use primer before applying the nail polish, you can totally skip this step but primer will give a good base for nail polish
  • Now you can head on the gel base coat for a refined base, make sure you apply it on the bottom of your nail first moving all the way upwards. This step will make the whole surface smooth and make sure that your natural nails are protected.
  • Now you can apply gel polish on your nails carefully, if you apply any gel polish on your skin by mistake then use a q tip to remove it.
  • After applying the gel polish, you can air dry them just like any other nail polish.

Why does gel nail polish bubble?

The reason why your gel nails are getting bubble can be either because of the nail polish or you must be doing wrong while applying the polish. Let us discuss,

In most of the case when the nail polish becomes too old or it is way to thick then it creates bubble during the process,

Another case can be when you apply thick shade of nail polish, it can create bubbles too. One of the reasons also include the moisture, your moisture on nails can also be blamed for this one, excess cuticle oil, lotion or food can be the culprit for getting bubbles too.

How to fix gel nail polish bubbles?

Once bubbles are created there are ways to fix it too, the most common way is to cure with the help of UV rays or Led lamp. As you must have read above that UV or Led Lamps play an important role in the gel manicure itself. UV and Led lamp help to remove the bubbles from the gels.

In case the bubble is still there and you can do anything about it then what you can do is apply some glitter on top of the bubbles to hide it. By This way you will be able to succeed your mission of fixing you nails by hiding those bubbles.

Applying some other nail accessories, or a coat over it may also help in hiding the bubbles.

How to prevent your gel nails from getting bubbles?

As they say prevention is better than cure, so hence here are the ways to prevent your gel nails from getting bubbles. Follow these tips to avoid getting bubbles from gel nails.

1.  Clean your Nails

Cleaning the nails before manicure will help you lot in so many reasons, first of all it is good for hygiene secondly it will wash away all the oils from your nails which will preventyour nails from getting bubbles.

2.  Check the quality of nail polish

One of the reasons of getting bubbles from gel nails is when your nails polish gets too old or is of bad quality to check that give it a quick swipe in one of your nails to check weather it glides smooth or not. If it glides smooth without any bubbles then you can continue applying it and if not stop it right away.

3.  Apply Base coat

Applying a clear base coat before painting your nails will seal your nails’ natural oils. This prevents these oils from spoiling your manicure. Base coats provide an even and smooth finish.

4.  Do not paint thick layer

When you start to paint thick layers on your nail’s bubbles start to create, so make sure you apply thin layer of paint. Another benefit of applying Thin layer paint will be that your manicure will be done quickly.

5.  Let it dry

Be patient while applying one coat above the coat, let the first coat dry and then move on to the another one this way no bubbles will be formed.

6.  Do not shake the bottle

We have a habit of shaking the bottle before applying the nail polish, and let me tell you this is one of the main reasons of getting the bubbles so do not shake the bottle of nail paint to avoid it.

7.  Avoid Moisture and Heat

Close your windows and switch off your fans when you apply nail polish to avoid moisture and heat. 

Painting your nails in direct sunlight or taking a shower shortly after your manicure are also a bad idea.

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