Does concealer expire if unopened? How long does it last?

When you are someone who does makeup, it is always a fear of using an expired product, and the biggest confusion is regarding the unopened makeup we have. So, keeping that in mind let us discuss – 

Whether Concealer expires if unopened or not?

Yes! Concealer can expire even if it is unopened, however an unopened Concealer can last more than opened one but eventually it will expire. An unopened Concealer can last up to 2-3 years depending on its ingredients and preservatives.

Cream based products have lesser shelf life than powdered products because of oils. So, when you purchase any product keep this in mind.

Make sure you store the products properly to make them last longer till the shelf life, the shelf life can decrease as you store the product improperly.

Does Concealer expire?

Yes, both opened and unopened CC cream expire after a period of time. there is no such makeup product that does not expire so keep that in mind. Just like any other makeup products like foundation,cc cream bb creme  concealer, can also expire.

As soon as you find out that your Concealer has expired, do not use it again, throw it right away. That is the only thing which you do to an expired product. Expired makeup products can be dangerous for skin so do take it lightly.

How long does Concealer Last?

A Concealer can last up to 12-18 months when opened and can last up to 2 -3 years when unopened.

The whole time period depends on several factors like how well you store and the ingredients it is made of.

A Concealer which is stored in a place with moisture or heat can go bad within months even if it is unopened.

Organic products also have a shelf like of a year and half as they do not contain any preservatives in it. due to that they do not last longer. Any product with strong preservatives lasts for longer years.

How to tell if the Concealer has expired or not?

1. Checking the expiration date

The easiest way is to check the expiration date on the packaging of the concealer, it is always there so do not worry, now as per some rules it is mandatory to mention the expiration date. The number of months mentioned is followed by a M. The symbol for that period after opening (PAO) indicates how many months the product will expire after opening. Remembering which month, you opened it around is helpful.

2. Smell

The second way is to smell your product, if the product smells bad do not use it in the first place. Most of these products have very good smells as they contain perfume in it. If they are smelling foul then it might have gone bad.

3. Texture

Many times, the textures can also tell you that it has expired. Simply by touching it you can feel something different and it is advised to throw away that product at that very moment to prevent any kind of damage.

4. Color change

When any product expires it oxidises and the color of the product changes, so if you any strange color thing happening in your Concealer you may discard it.

What happens if we use expired concealer?

if you use an expired concealer, it can cause so many side effects such as acne skin irritation and even skin allergies.

No one has ever suggested using any expired product, Concealer contains a lot of oil butter and spf too. As the product expires it starts to break down each of its particles and due to the chemical reactions happening in the product it can damage your skin to the fullest.

So, it is better to throw away the expired product.

How to store Concealer?

Concealers should be stored in a box or in a makeup bag away from excess heat, they do not actually need a refrigerator for that instance but if you think the temperature has risen then you may keep it in a refrigerator or a cool and dry place.

Keep your makeup products away from heat and moisture, and this the only hack to make your makeup products last longer.

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