Can I wear eyelash extensions with contacts?

Eyelash extensions are artificial, fibres that are attached to your natural eyelashes to make your eyelashes look better than before.

Contact lenses are thin, artificial, curved lenses that are placed on the surface of your eyeball.

Eyelash extensions and contact lenses are very delicate and prone to damage so you need to make sure they are always clean and in a safe place.


Can I wear eyelash extensions with Contact lenses?

YES!! It is completely safe to wear eyelash extensions with Contact lenses,

but you should consult an expert first to guide you through the process & you must take necessary precautions to avoid any potential damage to the eye.

Note: It is advised to keep quality the first preference, It will help in avoiding any sort of potential risk to the eye or skin.


How to wear contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

It is advised to clean your hands first properly before touching a lens.


Steps to follow

1.Make sure the lense is hydrated with solution.

2.Pull down the bottom lid of the eye

3.Place the lense on the eye’s surface very carefully.

4.move your eye around to see whether the lense has properly settled in or not.


Cautions to take

  • Do not pull the upper lid up as the lashes are attached on that part
  • Make sure no lashes fall between the lens and eye surface as it may cause some irritation.
  • Make sure to not touch the upper lid often as it may break an eyelash or extension


Do we have to wait before wearing contact lenses or washing our face after Eyelash extensions?

YES! It is advised to wait for 48 hours before washing your face after getting Eyelash extensions as they settle and adjust according to your eye.

Lenses are soaked in a water type solution so its advised no to wear them for 48 hours.


Things to do before eyelash extension appointment

Shower prior to the appointment 

It is advised to avoid any unnecessary contact with water for the next 48 hrs after the process as they bond with the natural eyelashes.


Wear comfortable clothing

As you’ll be laying down on your back with light music in the background, soft clothing will help you relax more during the process and it’ll be easier for the expert to do their work.


Remove your contacts

A glue is used to stick down the eyelashes on the lower lid, the glue releases minute fumes but they can cause discomfort with the lense in your eye despite your eye being closed.


Things to avoid during eyelash extension appointment


Wear makeup

You’re supposed to remove any sort of makeup near the eye area prior to the eyelash extension application appointment.


Apply any type of sunblock or face cream to the eye area

As they’re thick in nature they can prevent the eyelash extensions from adhering with the natural ones.


Wear mascara

You’re supposed to show up with clean and fresh eyelashes so that the process can be done smoothly and effectively.


What is the Application Process Like?

Note: Eyelash extensions are carefully applied using a specific type of glue which prevents damage or irritation to the eye.


1.Evaluation: An expert prior to the application examines the condition of the eye, evaluates the health of the natural eyelashes, points out all the risks and suggests the best option for the process.

2.What is your wish: The expert will ask you about what you expect your eyelashes to look like after the process and suggest your accordingly.

3.Cleansing the eye: Expert will make sure your eye and the skin is clean and fresh, if not then he/she will do it on their own.

4.Applying the tape and gels- To keep the eyelashes of the lower lid out of the way a gel is applied to stick them down followed by a white tape because it’s easier to see the eyelashes better on a white background.

5.Application- The expert will use tweezers to dip eac extension in glue and stick it to an eyelash on your upper lid. However, a more voluminous look will require more extensions.

6.Drying- Once the process is done the expert will ask you to sit for another 10 minutes with your eyes closed so that the glue dries completely.

7.Removal of tapes and gels- Once the process is done the expert will remove all the tapes and glue from your lower lid and they’ll ask you to blink slowly for a few times after that you’re free to go.


Precautions to take after the application

  • Do not use products containing formaldehyde near the eye area
  • Do not use heavy oil or heavy moisturizers.
  • Do keep them in shape by gently combing them
  • Don’t touch them to avoid any sort of hard touch.
  • Do get a refill after every 3 weeks


Pros & Cons of eyelash extensions

CustomizableIrritation and infection risks
Waterproof Damages  Natural eyelashes
Pain-free Uneven fallout
Looks amazing all the time Investment of time and money              


Types of Eyelash extensions in the market

1. Synthetic eyelashes

As the name suggests these look the least natural but these are used for a bold look as these are thicker, shinier and more polished than the rest.


2. Silk eyelashes

This is a mid-weight, lighter and more flexible option. These ones look more natural and more elegant.


3. Mink eyelashes

A November 2020 article by Glamour Magazine UK pointed out the risk of this product as it results in animal cruelty as the hair strands are taken from cats, so its recommended to no get these done.

Instead, there’s an artificial substitute in the market called “ Faux-mink lashes”, Faux mink are man-made and quite efficient, In Fact they’re considered as potential Mimic of mink lashes.

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