Can eyeshadow be used as blush? Everything you need to know.

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic often used to draw attention to the eyes and blush is to define and give a healthy appearance to the cheeks.

Eyeshadow comes in a variety of forms, mainly matte, cream, shimmer, powder and satin finish.

Being not very different from a blush/rouge, eyeshadow is generally more pigmented than a normal blush.

Unlike its name suggests, eyeshadow can be used in multiple ways, as a highlighter, as a colour corrector and yes, as a blush!


Can eyeshadow be used as blush?

Yes, using eyeshadow as blush is definitely possible as long as you keep in mind the following things. To have a flawless finish and even blending it is suggested, you use matte/satin or cream finish. Using eyeshadow as blush also gives you more colour options to work with.


Things to know before using eyeshadow as blush


The very beauty of make-up is the flexibility it provides. In order to find the best colour that suits your skin tone, have a look at this recommended skin type and skin tone chart.


Dark skin tone

(With warm undertones)


Raisin, orchid, warm brown and tangerine.


Dark skin tone

(Cool undertones)



Brick reds, coral shades and red shadows.


Medium/olive skin tone

(With warm undertones)


Bronze, orange, and warm apricots.


Medium/olive skin tone

(Cool undertones)


Deep peach, berry and rose shades.


Fair/light skin tone

(Cool undertones)



Light pink, plum shades


Fair/light skin tone

(Warm undertones)


Light coral, peach shades

Here’s a video by ‘Wish trend TV’ explaining ‘how to find your skin undertones’


Types of eye shadow, and how to apply them based on your skin tone.


Dry skin type


Cream based eye shadow

·         Dip the make-up sponge into the eye shadow pan.


·         Or use a cheek highlighter brush to stipple the product onto your cheeks.



·         A cream based eye shadow needs more blending for a natural look.

Oily skin typePowdered eye shadow·         Although sometimes extra loose powdered eyeshadow binds perfectly on oily skin type.


·         Take a small plastic make-up applicator; scrape off some product onto a mirror, empty pan or tissue.



·         Tap the blush brush into the shadow, remove the excess.


·         Apply in circular motion, bringing the colour upwards to the ear.


How to put on blush properly?


When applying blush, it is suggested to start at the apple of the cheeks,

And stipple the product in the circular motion, bringing it all the way up to your ears.

Stippling is different from sweeping or plain brushing, to stipple, means to give an airbrush finish to your make up, to take small quantities of the product and gently work your way up.

Since eye shadows are more pigmented than blush, ones with shimmer are not preferred; they can end up making your skin look extra shiny and uneven.


Here’s a video by expert Marci Star, explaining how to use eyeshadow as blush correctly.


Is applying eye-shadow as blush safe?

Yes, just an extra step in thoroughly washing your face after applying eyeshadow as blush, can prevent breakouts on your skin.


Can eyeshadow be used as more make-up alternatives?

Absolutely, the versatility of make-up makes it so unique.

  • Eye shadows with shimmer can be used as a highlighter, to use it as a highlighter, tap a fan brush into the palette, take minimum product and lightly sweep over your cheekbones, and on areas such as the nose bridge, chin and just above the blush.
  • Eye shadows can be used as color-correctors. If you are worried about red spots on your face, all you need to do is mix shades of green eyeshadow with a concealer matching your skin tone. This covers up those spots perfectly.
  • Eye shadows can be used perfectly as a contour. To use eyeshadow as contour, you will need an eyeshadow in matte finish, and in shades of brown suiting your skin tone.

Some extra tips on using eyeshadow as blush

For pink eyeshadows, less is more, doing too much of pink eyeshadow can give  your cheeks an extra rosy appearance.

You can make cream based eye blush at home, by combining the suited eye shadow with your favourite foundation or moisturizer.

Can you use blush as eyeshadow?

It is not preferred to use blush as eyeshadow, as at times blush can cause allergic reactions to the eyelids which are more sensitive than the cheeks.


Overall, eyeshadow can undoubtedly be used as blush. And the many colour options it provides, gives more space for individual expression.

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