How to use a nail drill?

Setting nails and styling them has become easier since the time nail drills have been invented. A nail drill is a very useful device but it comes with a lot of cautions. You need to be skilled enough t use it.

In the era of Do-It-Yourself aka DIY, most of us want to try things at home on our own. Trying things on your own have its benefits, it saves your money and time which you spend in the salon. 

But, becoming a pro is a second thing. Let’s first find out how to use a nail drill.


Start to drill the nails from your cuticles going straight up the length giving it a shape. Make sure you are not too fast or aggressive on the cuticles you can use a brush to clean the debris as well. You need to use bits on the drill to get the desired look of your nails.


Using a nail drill is a huge process. you will find out how to use the drill in the article below. Using the nail drill is tough but what is tougher is to find a perfect nail drill, we have also covered that part in this article.


What is a nail drill?


A nail drill is a rotary tool that can be used for filing or enhancement of your nails. Every nail drill requires a bit to perform a specific job. You can do numerous kinds of stuff from nail drills just with the help of different bits.

Nail drills are a good investment for ones who love acrylic nails or different nails, in general, It will help you to save your time, efforts, and money which you spend in a salon, without any cause.

The drill is usually used in parlors and salons and is mainly used by professionals. These are not built for home uses because they require skills and can cause damage. However, practicing it can make your work way easier than you think.

When it comes to drills an electric drill is much more effective than an ethical drill. It’s faster and feasible at the same time.


How to buy the right nail drill?


Filling nails can be a risky business and that is why what you should do is that you must buy a good quality nail drill. It is advised that you buy a nail drill with low vibrations. This is because vibrations cause damage not only to your nails but also to the arms and the shoulders you are using to file your nails.

Buying a good quality nail drill is an important part of the whole process, this may cost you a bit but you can’t ignore this. Buying something good will benefit you in the long run and it’s proven in so many ways. A good quality drill will be effective for a long time and more use.

Check the blades and look for the screws and the material they should not be loose to prevent any kind of future damage to you.


How to use Nail drill the right way?


you need to collect all the tools for drilling and the main ones are the bits and buffer tools that are easily available on any beauty store. Then all you need to do is to learn how to use an electric drill. Every drill has a little different way of usage but anyhow it is the same as the other one.

You need to take some time before starting using it professionally on your client or regularly on yourself. Here are a bunch of videos for your guidance. how to use a nail drill you will get answers to all your solutions here.


Safety techniques for using nail drills


What matters during a learning session is being safe. You need to know these safety techniques before using a nail drill for a better experience.


Be careful on cuticles


Cuticles are responsible for the overall growth of your nails; they are extremely sensitive and thin so you need to be slow around that area. Even a little bit of cut can cause you immense pain and loss. it may also lead to losing your nails so be careful regarding this.


Medium speed on backfills


When you are filing the backfills then you may increase your speed a little bit. By little bit we mean little bit the speed should be medium and not fast to avoid damage. for the sake of an idea, the speed should be 2 times more than what the speed was at the cuticles.


Fast on the nail surface


Now, that you have reached the nail surface you can cross the limits of the medium and be fast. The speed should gradually increase and decrease accordingly.


Best Nail drill for beginners


If you are finding difficulty in choosing the right nail drill for you then here are some of the top-rated nail drills for beginners to choose from.


  1. MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill


MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill is a Multifunctional drill with 6 kinds of metal bits and 6 sanding bands. It has an adjustable speed of up to 20,00 RMP which can be controlled manually via a button. The drill is portable because it is lightweight.


  1. SICHOWEL Nail Drill


SICHOWEL Nail Drill is a very handy nail drill that comes with a USB charger. It is portable and easy to use for beginners. Additionally, you’ll get six standard-sized bits and six sanding heads. It has the lowest maximum speed of any drill on this list (up to 12,000 RPMs), but for the average at-home manicurist, that is still plenty of power to work up to.


  1. Bestidy Nail Drill Machine


This is a cordless Nail drill Machine that can work up to 8 hours after a full charge. It has a maximum speed of 30000 RPM which is more than any other drill available in the market. You can also adjust the speed according to your areas of usage. This is a good choice for high-quality bearing. It is made with techniques that do not harm your arms, hands, or fingers after maximum working hours. The price is on the higher side but it’s all worth it.

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