How salons remove acrylic nails?

Once you get an acrylic nail you do not consider yourself less than a queen until the time comes for its removal. Acrylic nails have to be removed after 3 to 4 weeks. For the removal of acrylic nails, you need to book an appointment at the salon just like you did for the application. … Read more

Cuticle oil vs cream?

Nail health is a topic that most people overlook and cannot grasp the importance of it. Looking after the health of your nails will prevent dry, brittle, and weak nails. Instead, it will make them stronger and healthier. And using cuticle oil or cream is one of the crucial steps to improve your nail condition. … Read more

Do acrylic nails fall off?

Even though acrylic nails can get expensive, they look amazing on our fingers. They are long-lasting if applied the correct way, but they can’t stay forever on nails. They fall off eventually, but there are also a number of factors that cause them to peel off days after their application. Acrylic nails fall off on … Read more

Why do gel nail polish turn brown or black?

Getting gel manicures doesn’t only look beautiful but also lasts longer than regular manicures. They are also expensive as they are more flexible and less damaging than acrylic nails. This is why seeing your gel nails turning brown, and even black is disappointing. Sometimes, it happens days after getting them done, or in some, the … Read more

How much do gel nails cost?

Gel nails are pretty cute and Lowkey every girl wants to have them. Gel nails but a kind of fake nail that is layer by layer gel polish that is hardened through UV rays and lasts more than your regular nail polish. Manicures can sometimes be hard on your pockets, but with so many options … Read more

Why do acrylic nails hurt the first day?

Getting acrylic nails is a well-structured and long-lasting manicure. It requires skill and expertise to achieve perfection in this type of manicure. You will feel pain and discomfort if all the right techniques are not followed during the application. Oftentimes, acrylic nails hurt the first day. There are several factors that lead to this result, … Read more