How to take off acrylic nails when real nail is broken?

It is really painful to lose your nail. Any accident big or small can rip off your real nail while you have acrylics on. Acrylics are hard and durable nails but they have to be handled with care.

Long-term use of acrylic nails or poorly fitted acrylic nails can be the reasons for your broken real nail. You need to be very careful regarding this as it can cause immense pain and discomfort. You should immediately take off the acrylic nail as soon as the incident takes place.

How to take off acrylic nails when a real nail is broken?

Use a disinfectant to remove your acrylic nail. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover to remove the acrylic nail. Soak your hands for 15 minutes or more in it until the acrylic nail starts to get removed from your natural bed.

You can anytime visit a salon to get it done.

Remember! You must not delay it. delaying or ignoring it may lead to several other infections which may further cause you serious problems. This issue should be paid attention to as soon as possible.

Causes of broken acrylic nail

When you have your acrylic nails on you need to be very careful. Many reasons can cause cracks in your real nails. several causes can break your nail, if you are wondering what caused your nail to break then you can find the one below.

Improper fitting of acrylic

When acrylics are not fitted properly, they usually become the main cause of cracks in the nails.

A poorly-fitted nail leaves gaps between the acrylic and the nail that increases the chances of bacteria and fungus penetrating inside the nail and cause several infections.

Improper fitting causes trauma around the nails which can cause the nail to rip off from the nail bed.

In most cases, acrylic nails are trapped within threads or fabric and ripped off due to improper or loose-fitting causing damage to the real nail.

That is why it is necessary to fix the acrylic nails properly.

No breaks between acrylic sessions

Taking a break of nearly 3 to 4 months is crucial for your nail health.

Nails do need time to rejuvenate and gain strength back. Nails become weak and brittle due to the aggressive process of application of acrylic nails.

They lose their oil and become weak which causes them to break and rip off.

Not taking breaks in between different sessions of acrylic nails can be one of the causes for the breakage of your real nail.

Removing the nails incorrectly

Applying force during the removal of acrylic nails can break your real nail.

The process of removal needs to be very gentle. Pulling off the acrylic nail as it is will cause your nail to rip off from the nail bed.

This can be very painful.

If you do not have enough knowledge or skill regarding the removal, it is better to learn that first.

Refer to this video for help.

Nail snag

Snagging of nails is very common if you are careless or a messy person. It occurs when you drag your nail on a rough surface. It can cause your nail to break.

Be careful when with your nails as the broken nail can cause infection.

Problems you may face after the breakage


Bleeding is a sign of extensive damage. when your nail breaks with a great force it starts to bleed.

Bleeding causes infection so immediately use disinfectant. If it doesn’t stop bleeding, visit a doctor.


Pain is the first problem you will face after the breakage of your nail.

The pay may become harsh and cause discomfort. But will fade away with treatment.

Compromises hand mobility

You may not be able to use your finger as before because of underlying pain caused by the breakage of the nail.

You must not indulge yourself in activities like typing, cooking, washing, etc. which requires the need of your hand.


How to take off acrylic nails carefully when a real nail is broken?

These steps should be taken immediately after the accident to prevent further infections and problems. Be very careful while the whole process

Step 1: Use a disinfectant

Apply the disinfectant on the affected area with the use of a cloth or a cotton pad to prevent infection from bacteria and fungus.

Do not skip this step.

Step 2- Clip off the acrylic nail

Cut the acrylic nail using a clipper. Be very careful in this step. Place the trimmer on the access nail and clip it off. Clipping the excess nail will help in the removal of the nail.

Step 3: Soak the nail

The best way to soak your nail is to wrap each nail with clean foil and then soak your nail in acetone and warm water.

Make sure you keep the amount of acetone less as it can make your nails dry.

You can also directly soak your nails in acetone. This is not very good for nails as it can make them drier.

Step 4: Pry out

Check if your nails have become softer or not. If the nails have gone soft use tweezers to pry out them.

If they are still hard, leave it for some more minutes and try it again.


How to prevent nails from breakage?

Precaution is always better than cure. Here are ways to prevent nails from breaking.

Use multivitamins

Nails can become weak and brittle due to a lack of vitamins. Multivitamins will help your nails gain strength and become stronger which will further prevent damage.

Take breaks

Your nails need some break from manicures. Products and applications of manicures can be very harsh on your nail life.

It makes them brittle and weak. Due to weakness, they tend to break more often.

Apply moisturizer

Dryness causes the nails to break often and also affects the growth of your nail.

Apply moisturizer every night to keep your nails hydrated.

Make sure the acrylic is fitted properly

As poor fitting of nails leads to the breakage of acrylic as well real nail it should be fitted perfectly.

Always choose a professional or a skilled person for the application of your nails.

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