How much does it cost to bleach your hair?

Although aware of the damages bleaching hair gives, it still remains a popular demand in the hair coloring industry. Going blond is an exciting experience, but the overall process can be time-consuming and expensive.

But before bleaching your hair, you must know how much it costs, plus the price it takes for maintaining the blond hair and keeping it long-lasting.

How much does it cost to bleach your hair?

The cost to bleach your hair depends on several factors such as the length of hair, current color, thickness, whether you want to do it at a salon or home, and if it’s a salon, what type you have chosen for this purpose. Considering all of these points, the price will be around $40- $200.

However, without a doubt, the price will be much less to bleach hair compared to a salon. And it will cost you extra if you want to dye your hair further.

Bleaching is a complex process and cannot be reversed until new hair grows out. Unlike hair dyes, they strip away your hair’s natural pigment, causing it to lighten.

Hence, you need to have in-depth knowledge about this if you want to do it without causing unnecessary damage to your hair.

Thus, if you are a beginner, it’s best to leave it a professional. It might cost you extra, but it will be worth it. Plus, it’s always better to pay a bit extra than to inflict damage on hair.


How much does it cost to bleach hair at the salon?

The cost to bleach hair at the salon is around $150-$200. But the price point depends heavily on the length of your hair and its current color.

Remember, the darker your hair color is, the more bleaching application you will need to turn hair into blond; thus, the more expensive the process it will become.

The price increases because when you have a dark shade such as jet black or dark brown hair, you need about 2-3 sittings at a salon to make it completely blond.

However, hair colorists insist on waiting about one to two weeks between each sitting.

Your hair needs time to heal and recover from the harsh chemical process. After getting blond, you need to spend a bit more money if you want to tone and further dye your hair.

In general, a salon charges about $20-40 for a toning service.

Apart from the cost, bleaching hair at a salon is the safest option.

The professionals will use high-quality bleach products, causing less hair damage, and above all, you’ll get your desired results.


How Long Does It Take to Bleach Your Hair at a Salon?

One bleaching session takes around one-three hours to achieve a desirable shade of blonde.

The process is time-consuming as the stylist needs to perform various steps to make sure the color is even and not patchy.

Besides, if you wish to dye hair after bleaching, it will take another one-two hours, along with the time needed to blow-dry and style.

Plus, note that if you have a darker shade of hair, it will take more time than usual.


How Much Does it Cost to Bleach Your Hair at Home?

To bleach your hair at home, it will take you around $40, but it depends on the type of products you are buying.

You need to buy a couple of items for the successful application of bleach: Bleaching powder, developer, and toner.

There are a variety of bleaching products available in the market that cost range from $4-$30.

But it depends upon the size and the quality of the product. Bleaching packs are usually around $4, while tubes are $30. You can also find bleaching crèmes of $6-$8, which are a gentler version of the powder.

Apart from the bleaching powder, you need a developer and a toner.

The developer ($7-$8) contains hydrogen peroxide and comes in various volumes.

Understand that the higher the volume, the more hydrogen peroxide it has, making it more powerful. For hair with a darker shade, you would need a developer of volume 40. This product is mixed with the powder and then applied to the hair.

A permanent toner is needed to apply after bleaching, and it cost around $6-$8.

However, if you don’t want the hassle of buying products individually, it’s best to get a bleaching kit that will cost no more than $10.

The kit consists of bleach powder, developer, gloves, mixing tub, brush, and any other products required for bleaching.

Although taking the DIY path to bleach hair is an affordable and economical approach, it can leave hair with severe damages if you don’t know the proper way and techniques.

For example, bleaching has a high Ph value, so if kept on hair for too long, it will cause scalp burn.


How much does it cost to maintain blonde hair?

To maintain your blond hair, you would need to spend around $200 every 6 weeks.

The cost to upkeep blond hair can be as high as getting one at a salon, as you need to invest in a couple of hair care products to keep your blond hair looking healthy and fresh.

To start off, you need a color-protected shampoo and conditioner to prevent the blond from fading away quickly. You also must apply a purple shampoo once a week to fight off the brassy tone blond hair tends to get.

The bleaching process is damaging, so you need a protein mask once or twice a month to keep hair strong and healthy.

Plus, you have to touch up your roots every 2-4 weeks.

If you have bleached hair from a salon, you would have to go for occasional touch-ups that will also cost you money.

After adding up the cost of all these products, maintaining your blond hair can be expensive.

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