Cuticle oil vs cream?

Nail health is a topic that most people overlook and cannot grasp the importance of it.

Looking after the health of your nails will prevent dry, brittle, and weak nails. Instead, it will make them stronger and healthier.

And using cuticle oil or cream is one of the crucial steps to improve your nail condition.

So which one should you use – Cuticle oil vs cream?

Both cuticle oil and cream provide hydration to the nails and help to make them stronger. But the main difference between them is that cuticle cream is thicker and richer than cuticle oil, which has a lighter consistency and gets absorbed quickly.

But, no matter which one you choose, applying either of them is beneficial for your nails.

Cuticles get exposed to harsh conditions, such as excessive cold, nasty chemicals, chlorine, saltwater, and much more. This is why the cuticles often get dry, cracked, and chapped.

Using a cuticle oil or cream in these conditions will moisturize both the cuticles and nails and help to restore them back to health.

Here is the video which talks about how to get perfect cuticles.


What does a cuticle do?

The cuticles surround the edge of your fingers and nails.

Their primary function is to protect the growth of new nails when they start to grow from the root. It ensures no bacteria harm this growth and causes nail infection.

They act as a protective cover for the new cells. Nails are made up of a hard protein known as keratin, and cuticles safeguard that new soft keratin that grows onto the nail.

If your cuticles are at optimum health condition, your nail tips will grow out to be strong and stiff.

But if not, it results in various problems and causes painful cuticle infections.

Symptoms include redness, blisters, discolouration, and even abnormalities in the nail shape.


What is cuticle oil?

Cuticle oil, often found in a bottle similar to a nail polish, is a light moisturizing product to combat dryness and build resilient, strong nails, making them less likely to chip and crack.

Applying this oil on a regular basis creates the perfect environment for the nails to grow and become stronger.

Plus, it adds hydration to dry brittle nails to replenish them back to their original healthy state.

It also works to improve the blood circulation to your nails and the skin around them, which also helps in promoting nail growth.

They contain ingredients that toughen up vulnerable nail plates, such as sweet almond oil and vitamin A, B, and E.

They are rich in nutrients and act as a great hydrator.

Since they quickly get absorbed into the cuticle, it helps to prevent nail breakage and hangnails.

Cuticle oils come with different types of applicators, but the most recommended way to apply them is to rub it in your cuticles after hand washing to prevent them from drying out.

But, you can use it as often as you like or whenever they feel dry.

Here is the video which talks about the importance of cuticle oil.


What is cuticle cream?

Cuticle creams are not much heard of, but they are no less effective than cuticle oils.

They have a thick consistency and act as an intense overnight treatment. It has ultra-rich ingredients such as butter and oil, which moisturizes the nails and keeps the cuticles soft.

Due to their high concentration of moisturizers, some of them are even richer than hand creams. Plus, the nourishing and reparative ingredients keep the nail in a tip-top shape and promote nail growth.

Although any time of the day will work for applying them, nighttime before going to bed is considered the ideal time to massage this product in your cuticle and nail bed and let it get absorbed overnight.

This way, it will have less chance to get removed while doing any work during the day.

Look out for one which has maximum health-promoting ingredients and is free from any harsh chemicals for optimum benefits.

Cuticle cream formulated with essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is the best to use to make your nails grow stronger and faster.

Moreover, they will also fight against bacteria that cause nail infections.


Which is better, cuticle oil or cream?

Cuticle oil and cream are made with different formulations.

And it depends upon your personal preference which one you want to choose, but both offer nail-health promoting benefits and are best for weak and brittle nails.

Cuticle creams contain ultra-moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter to make your nails soften, making it ideal to use before going to bed.

On the other side, cuticle oil contains lighter ingredients such as Jojoba, argan, and rose, some of the best oils for your nails. This makes it ideal to use at any time of the day.

However, due to the small molecular size of the cuticle oil, they penetrate deeper into your nails, making them efficient in healing properties.

Cuticle creams have a larger molecular weight compared to cuticle oil; thus, they don’t get too deeper into the nails. But, they stay on top of your nails and keep them soft, supple, healthy, and stronger.

Hence, it all depends on what you need and the type of lifestyle you have.

For example, use cuticle oil if most of the time you spend indoors, as then you can apply it throughout the day.

Also, if you frequently go for manicures, using cuticle oil is a great option as it prevents chipping and cracking.

However, if your day requires spending most time outdoors and has a busy schedule, it’s best to opt for cuticle cream. You can apply this just before bedtime.

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