Can 40 volume developer be used on dark hair?

The developer is one of the essential components when it comes to hair coloring, and if you are someone who is planning to go from brunette to blonde then you will require a developer.

During the planning stage of bleaching your hair light, you might come across some basic doubts, and if you have a dark, you must be suggested from here and there about the 40-volume developer.

Can a 40 volume developer be used on dark hair?

Yes, 40 volume developers are specially built for dark hair. you have other choices too depending upon the color you desire on your dark hair.

You need to be confident about every decision related to bleaching as it is an irreversible action. Be very sure in choosing each of the things. Even if you go wrong somewhere it is very hard or next to impossible to bring back your natural hair.

Bleaches and developers are chemicals and they have their side effects. 40 volume developers have to be carefully used. They can ruin your health and your hair will never be the same.

How does a 40 volume developer work?

Being a first-timer and getting introduced to all these fancy products might create confusion in your head. Developers are a crème base solution for hair that can instantly transform your hair to 3 to 4 shades lighter.

Developers contain hydrogen peroxide which penetrates your hair and reopens the cuticles.

This way your hair sheds away the melanin and becomes light.

Using developers with care is so important as, if anything goes wrong you may end up burning your scalp and ruining your natural hair.

40 volume developers are the strongest in the market.

These developers are mainly used for transforming dark hair into light.

The developer is one of the primary stages of hair coloring. After fading your hair color you may color it with the color of your choice.


Which developer is perfect for dark hair?

Developers come in several volumes for different hair colors and shades.

The perfect volume of a developer is decided by keeping several factors in mind –

  • The shade of your color
  • The shade you desire
  • Condition of your hair

You should not ignore any of these factors when deciding the developer for your hair.

It is always recommended to go for a less strong developer to avoid damage.

Here is a quick guide for you

20 volume developer

20 volume developer is the right choice for anyone with naturally blonde hair. This is the lightest developer and is proven to make your hair one to two shades lighter.

It can also be chosen if you’re a first-timer and you don’t want extremely light hair and you want to go a little natural.

Strong developers can harm the condition of your hair, and if your hair is already damaged, you must go for a light developer to maintain the health of your hair.

30 volume developer

When you neither have blonde or dark hair but brown or medium hair 30 volume developer is your thing. 30 volume developers have medium effects on your hair. It makes your hair 2-3 tones lighter than your original one.

30 volume developers can bleach your hair just in one session and that is great if you are looking for instant results.

30 volume developers may also work well on dark hair, but It may take two sessions for the desired result.

40 volume developer

Anyone blessed with dark brown or very hair is left with only one option that is a 40 volume developer. No other volume may work as best as a 40 volume developer. 40 volume developers are the strongest developers especially built for dark hair.

If you are not sure about what will suit you or what is safe for your hair or which volume will compliment your face just have a word with a professional. Professionals will guide you better and educate you regarding the same.


How to apply 40 volume bleach on your hair?

40 volume developer is applied the same way as any other volume developer so the steps below can be followed for any one of them. Follow the steps carefully for a promising result.

Warning- Make sure you do it only once, there is no good reason to bleach your hair twice!!

Step 1- Part your hair in two sections

Divide your hair into two parts for easy application. This step will help you when you are doing it yourself. It will make it handy for you to apply the bleach in the entire area perfectly.

You can further divide the two parts into more sections according to your preference and comfort.

Step 2: Make your bleach ready

The second step is to prepare your bleach. Mix the two components the developer and the bleach in a 1:1 ratio. The ratio may change as per your requirement of professional suggestion.

You must follow what the memo says. Make sure the final mixture is not too liquid and if it is so then adding some powdery bleach in it will solve the problem. The consistency should be accurate for better results.

Step 3: Its time to apply bleach now

After achieving the perfect consistency of bleach and developer it is now time to apply the bleach to your parted hair. This step is the most important part, so try no to commit any mistakes.

Start bleaching the darkest part of your hair first. The darkest hair is at the back so start from there. This step has to be rapid. The process should be in motion starting from the roots to the end.

However, Roots can be avoided in these parts as there is a separate step for that.

Step 4: Bleach the roots

As we mentioned above that roots have to bleach as well hence, we will bleach the roots in this step.

Similarly, like hair, we will start bleaching the roots from the back of your head to the front. It is strictly prohibited to use bleach on the scalp as it can cause severe damage to it.

Step 5: wash your hair

When you find that your hair has attained the color you wanted you can rinse it with a Lukewarm water.

Keep washing until your hair gets completely rid of the bleach. Once you rinse it you can move on to the other steps. You may color your hair, you keep it blonde, it depends on your choice.

Enjoy your new hair! and flaunt it wherever you want!

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