Do acrylic nails fall off?

Even though acrylic nails can get expensive, they look amazing on our fingers.

They are long-lasting if applied the correct way, but they can’t stay forever on nails. They fall off eventually, but there are also a number of factors that cause them to peel off days after their application.

Acrylic nails fall off on their own when the adhesive glue used to stick the acrylic on your natural nails becomes weak. Although the glue is strong, it loses its holding property when the fake nails stay beyond its lifespan. In some cases, it falls off earlier than it should, due to reasons like improper application, not using a primer, doing household chores involving manual labour, and many others.

It’s always advisable to visit a reputable salon to get the acrylic nails manicure to make them last longer and avoid untimely peeling off.

They will know all the proper techniques and won’t use low-quality products as they can also lead to the nails falling off.

For example, a poor-quality adhesive won’t bind the acrylic and your nails properly, so they will get pulled off easily.


How long do acrylic nails last before they fall off?

In general, acrylic nails last between two to three weeks before needing refills or removal if the right methods are followed.

But it also varies from person to person and the type of nails they have.

Nail biters and people with oily nails tend to find their acrylics lift sooner than usual.

It is because they have a weaker foundation for the nail extension to remain stuck.

Other than that, it will also fall off quickly if you do housework, especially washing dishes without wearing work gloves.

If all of these are maintained, a set of acrylic nails can last for even a month with proper infills in between.


How to Prevent Your Acrylic Nails from Falling Off earlier?

Follow these below tips to improve the longevity of your nails. These are often the suggestions of professional manicurist advice to their clients.

Keep them well-moisturized

Moisturization plays an integral part in extending the longevity of acrylic nails. Use a good-quality hand lotion to keep the skin surrounding the acrylic well-moisturized. This will ensure to keep them smoother and healthier as they rejuvenate the skin cell. You can also use cuticle oil daily on your dry cuticles to hydrate the nail plate.

However, in some cases, especially when you have a lifted nail, moisturizer can get under the acrylic and later cause fungal infection. Hence, it is vital that you use safe products and don’t apply more than required.

Avoid doing heavy manual labour

When you have acrylic nails on, avoid doing works that require too much manual labour, which can disturb the acrylic. If you put too much pressure on it, it’s likely they may pop off while also harming your natural nail plate underneath. Try not to lift heavy objects and look out for your acrylic when doing simple household work.

Keep the acrylics cleaned

Maintaining acrylic is an essential step if you want to keep them healthy and strong. Proper care for the acrylic will prevent chipping, cracking, and other signs of wear and tear. Thus, it will ensure the durability and endurance of the nails.

Make sure to scrub away any dirt that seeps under the acrylics. But while doing so, be careful because even though it is an important action to prevent nail infection, harsh scrubbing can cause severe damage to the nails and make them pull off. Plus, try to apply a topcoat every two days as it will keep the nail polish protected.

Stay away from frequent water contact

Too much water contact can weaken the bond between your actual nail and the acrylic. Frequent water contact will over time soften the nails and make it come off earlier. But, if your acrylics are a few weeks old and lifted a bit, avoiding water is non-negotiable.

When water gets trapped between the two nails, it creates the perfect condition for bacteria growth, causing nail infection. To avoid this, make sure to wear gloves when in contact with water, such as washing dishes or watering your garden.

How To Properly Remove Acrylic Nails?

The proper way to remove the acrylic nails without damaging your real nails is:

  1. Chip the acrylic to reduce its length before starting the removal process.
  2. Use a fine grader buffer to buff out the top layer of the nail polish to make it rough and remove its shininess.
  3. Soak the acrylic nails in pure acetone so that the hard protective layer of it gets softened, and it comes off with ease. Acetone is a strong and harsh substance, which is why it is required to loosen the tough adhesive glue used during the acrylic nail application and soften the nails itself.For the soaking process, take a small cotton pad, dip it in the acetone and then place them around your nails. Continue this in each of your fingers. To hold the cotton pad in place, wrap an aluminum foil over it. Then wait for twenty to thirty minutes for each of the nails to dissolve.
  4. Then unwrap the foil and the pad, and with the help of tweezers, gently pull off the acrylics from your actual nails.
  5. Use a nail file to scrape off the leftover from the actual nails.
  6. As the last step, use cuticle oil around the base of your nails to regain hydration and nourishment as the acetone dries up your nail. And then apply a basecoat for strengthening.

Here is the video which provides all the steps.

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