How long does it take to get nails done?

If you’re going to get your nails done it is crucial to know the amount of time it is going to take. For several reasons, you want to know it. time for nails depends on several factors the staff, your choice of nails, the pattern you want, and the length.

How long does it take to get nails done?

It can take almost 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the salon, its staff, their tools, etc. However, there is no definite time as it might take too long or too short because of any circumstance.
But there are ways to confirm it, you can call up the salon directly or have a word with any professional. In my experience, no one has ever taken as long as more than 3hrs or as early as a few minutes. manicures are skilled-based work and it does take time to attain perfection.

Also, there are different kinds of nails available in the market. The time varies as per their application, gel nails, acrylic nail polygels all have a different application process and thus varies the time.

How long does it take different nails to get them done?

The nail industry has grown a lot in recent years and has introduced a lot of artificial nails. talking about the three most popular ones, Acrylic, gel, and Polygel nails.

The application for all three of them is poles apart and thus consumes a different amount of time.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are the most stylish and most popular in the list of fake nails. if you are going to get these nails to take up to 45 to 2 hours for its application.

If you are going for a simple acrylic just over your natural nails it will take up to 45 minutes. additional time will be required if you go ahead with the design or colors.

With all designs and long length, the time can exceed 2hr starting from the preparation to the final touch.

Polygel Nails

Polygel nails are an amazing combination of gel nails and acrylic nails. They are as durable as acrylic nails and as flexible as gel nails.

The nail application is similar to acrylic nails but they are hardened with LED lights just like the gel nails. They may take up to 30- to 1.5 hrs for application.

Gel nails

Gel nails are usually applied directly over the natural length of your nail. It is a simple three-step process.

Gel nails are not time taking and the application finishes within half an hour. It can exceed a maximum of 1 hour and not more than that.


How should I confirm the duration of nails? Ask the salon!

The easiest and the most accurate way to find out the exact duration of the nail’s session is to call up the salon and ask them.

They will tell you the approx. time required considering their methods, their staff’s experience, previous session, etc.

One can not tell you an exact time because every salon has varied procedures and staff.

So, it is better to call up a salon you’re wishing to go to and ask them about the time and book the appointment if you’re ready to give that much time into it.

These nails take time as the salon has to follow a long process to get your desired nails onto your fingers.

Rushing can spoil it too that is why they work with patients and each nail is craved to its perfection.

Here is the video which guide you further

How to do my nails at home?

If you can’t sit for too long in a salon or your budget doesn’t fulfill the cost of a nail manicure for a salon you can do it yourself any day. Doing your nails at home can be a little tiring and not as good as a salon but with time you will ace it.

Following these steps, you can easily do your nails at home: –

File or nails and push back the cuticles

The filling is an important part as it prevents injuries on the bed. Cut your nails if they are long and then file them accordingly. After filing them, start pushing your cuticles. Remember don’t be very harsh on them.

You can use an orange cuticle pusher or any cuticle pusher. Push them back gently.

You should also remove any stain from your previous nail polish with acetone.

Rub a grit-filing block. (optional)

When you go to a salon for an application, they do this step for acrylic. This can be done for a better base to stick the nails. You can avoid this step to keep your nails healthy.

This step is not involved during the application of gel nails. so, skip in that case too.

Apply nail glue or primer.

Apply nail glue for acrylic and primer in case of gel nails or polygels. Let them dry fully before moving on to the next step. Making sure that it is completely dry is important as it can make your further steps messy.

Apply extension or paint or gel

If you’re doing acrylic and nails then apply for the extension as soon as the glue dries. By drying it’s not meant to dry out the glue entirely. Stick the nail onto the glue.

In the case of gel nails apply a thin layer of gel polish and dry it using UV lamps.
(Only for acrylic) give shape to your extensions as well and get the desired shape and length.

For Polygel apply the gel and the extension together.

Let it dry

After the steps let your nails dry.

Acrylic nails do not need UV lamps to fry they are usually air-dried.

For Polygel and gel nails you need to dry them using UV rays.

If you want to try something different yet salon-like nails watch this video to try it

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