How To Hide Gel Nails At Work and Schools?

With the rising trend of beauty makeovers, manicures are gaining importance. Not only does a manicured hand look aesthetically pleasing, but also it protects the nail.

One of the most popular types of manicures is gel manicure.  Gel manicures are easy to get and last for a long time. Besides that, you can do almost every design with gel nails.

However, due to certain policies at educational institutions and the workplace, gel nails might not be allowed. In that situation, you have to hide gel nails or remove them entirely.

In this article, we will discuss more about gel nails and how to hide them effectively.

How to hide gel nails at work or school?

Hiding gel nails at work or school can be a tricky business. Since your hands are one of the most visible and active parts of your body, almost every movement exposes your nails to the others.

However, it is understandable if you are reluctant to get rid of your expensive gel manicure. Hiding your nails depends on the situation that you are in and the protocols that you have to follow. Here are some workarounds that will help you to hide gel nails at school or work.

1. Wear clear polish

Clear nails attract the least attention. Even if you are opting for a gel manicure, make sure that the only coat of polish that you apply is a clear one. 

Clear gel nails look absolutely similar to natural nails. In case full clear nails are not your style, you can get french tips on your nails. These will look subtle and can be easily hidden. 

2. Go for nude or pink shades

If clear gel nails feel too boring for you, you can pick a shade of base coat that is close to your skin colour. The idea is to blend with the skin tone of your fingers so that your gel nails look virtually indistinguishable. 

Another modification that you can make to your pink or nude shade of nail polish is by choosing a matte finish colour. Unlike glossy polishes, matte polishes do not stand out and can be concealed easily.

3. Style your outfit to hide your nails

Another trick to hide your gel nails is by panning your outfits strategically. Plan your outfits in such a way that your nails become the least noticeable part of your overall look. 

At the workplace or educational institutions, you can wear suits, blazers or any long sleeved outfit. This will ensure that your gel nails are considerably hidden from public view. 

It is also a smart idea to always carry a notepad, diary or laptop with you. This way, your fingers are curved inwards and hence hidden from plain sight.

4. Keep your gel nails short

Long nails are attention grabbing. If you are keen on retaining your gel nails, keep them short. 

Keeping short gel nails will ensure that they are easier to maintain. Additionally, in hospitals long gel nails are forhidden as they are prone to infections and can lead to injuries. If your gel nails are short, you may be permitted to wear them in places where long gel nails are not allowed.

5. Look for alternatives

In case hiding gel nails is proving to be very difficult, you can look for alternatives to gel nails. 

One of the best substitutes for gel nails are press-on nails. These nails can be applied and removed at your convenience. Besides, press-on nails are available in a wide variety of colour and design that you can pick depending on the occasion.

Another alternative to gel nails are simple nail lacquer. Nail lacquers are relatively less durable and can be removed without any hassle using nail polish remover anytime.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails belong to the category of artificial nails. It comprises a monomer liquid and polymer powder which combine together. Once combined, it forms long polymer strands that harden into resin and resemble natural nails.

Unlike acrylic nails, the monomers of gel nails are shorter and are called oligomers. Most gel nails require ultraviolet light to be cured or dried.

Gel nails are preferred over other types of nails as they look very natural with a glossy finish. They can be filed into any shape, and last longer than lacquer polishes. Additionally, gel nails do not pose any risk to pregnant women, making them safe for use.

Here is simple video about home manicure

Why are gel nails not allowed in school and the workplace?

Despite the obvious advantages of gel nails, they are not allowed in certain places. The disbanding of gel nails stems from the safety and health concerns associated with those. 

The primary reasons why gel nails are not allowed are as follows:

  1. Gel nails cause the natural nails to become thin and brittle.
  2. The UV light that is used to cure the gel nails has a damaging effect on the skin.
  3. Gel nails are found to have a higher risk of bacterial infection than regular nails. This is the reason why they are forbidden for health professionals and nurses.
  4. Removing gel nails requires soaking your fingers in acetone, which can dry out the skin.
  5. Gel nail breakages are more painful compared to natural nails.


Being fashionable and adhering to the rules does not have to come at a cost. With our tips to hide gel nails, you can keep your manicured nails and avoid getting caught.

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