Can you use mascara as eyeliner?

Mascara and eyeliner are two products without which any makeup is incomplete. They are two go-to products that every girl should have in her makeup bag. Mascara can be used to line the eyes and for some people it may work better than eyeliner.

They add length and volume to the lashes and the eyes. We can see the variety of forms, textures, and colors in which they are available in the market.

Can mascara be used as an eyeliner?

Yes, Mascara can be used as an eyeliner with a few precautions. Avoid using thick mascaras, and make sure you apply them before anything else so the first product doesn’t get rubbed off by everything else you do after it. Be careful to avoid applying too much mascara or smudging your eye makeup if possible! You will also want to make sure you only use a clean brush that has not been used before, as this will help avoid clumps. Mascara can last longer than traditional eye makeup products so it might be worth giving it a try.


Applying mascara as an eyeliner- Tips and Tricks

1. Try to start with a clean mascara brush

If the mascara brush is dirty, it might leave residue on your eyelids that will cake up and create a mess.

2. Use the upward motion of the brush

Apply to your lids in an upward motion from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer edge of your brow bone.

3. Use a small amount of mascara

If you use too much, it could get into your eyes and irritate them. Also, if the brush is overloaded with product, this might cause clumps in your lashes or make them look uneven.

4. Don’t forget to clean up!

Always remember to wipe off any excess mascara on the brush before you finish your application.

5. Apply fewer coats

For a more natural look, you might want to use one or two coats of mascara for your eyeliner. Applying more coats will create a thicker line; for a more dramatic look, you might want to use three coats.

6. Check the mascara

Make sure the mascara is dry before you go to sleep or put on your contact lenses, and never use it as a liquid eyeliner by applying it directly from the tube.

7. Using a clumpy mascara

You can see if the mascara is clumpy or dry by dipping your fingers in it and then rubbing them together gingerly. If there are chunks of product, try running the brush under hot water for about five seconds before using it on your eyes. This will make sure that the mascara is blended and clump-free.

8. Avoid using thick mascaras

Thick mascaras are more difficult to apply and can also make your lashes look clumpy.

9. Eye makeup in general

Make sure that you apply eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara before you put on any other eye products so the first product doesn’t get rubbed off by everything else you do after it.


Why should you be using mascara as an eyeliner?

Mascara will last longer than traditional eye makeup products.

Mascara can last for a few days, whereas eye liner will only last one day.

Mascara is easier to apply than eyeliner.

If you are just getting into the world of makeup and feel intimidated by dramatic looks or liquid liners, mascara might be a good starting point. It’s also very easy to remove at the end of the day.

It’s easy and quick.

One of the major pros is that it’s very simple to do! You can easily apply eyeshadow or liner after applying your mascara so there’s no need for a lot of extra steps.

Good coverage for lower lash line.

This can be helpful for a more natural look. Also, eyeliner is not necessary for lower lashes if you use mascara for this purpose.


Why should you not be using mascara as an eyeliner?

1. Mascara will smear and smudge more easily than eyeliner

If you are looking to create a dramatic look, mascara might not be your best option because it won’t stay put as well as eyeliner would. Mascara can also blur if there is any oil on your face. Mascara will smudge and transfer with water or sweat, which might be irritating to your eyes as it comes in contact with them.

2. Mascara might give you raccoon eyes

If mascara smudges or comes off, it can leave your eyelids looking like dark circles. On the other hand, liquid liners are less likely to smudge if they have been applied correctly and will create a sharp line without any blurriness.

3. Applying too much mascara

This can lead to clumps and an uneven look. It would make the eyes look like they are bulging out.

4. Mascara is harder to remove than eyeliner

Mascara usually doesn’t come off as easily as a liner, so be sure not to do anything that will cause your eyes and lashes to get wet until you have removed all the mascara from your lids. You can also try using waterproof mascara to avoid this problem.

5. Using dirty brushes

If you use a brush that has been used before, it might carry residue from the previous makeup or bacteria. This can irritate your eyes and cause problems with clumps in your lashes.


Similarities between mascara and eyeliner


Mascara is much cheaper than liquid liners.

Applying mascara as an eyeliner gives a more natural look

You can always go back and add on some other makeup to make it more dramatic if you want, but for first-time users or people who are very low maintenance in the morning, this might be a good option.

It lasts longer than some eye makeup products

Mascara will usually last several days while eyeliner might only last one day.


Video – How to use mascara as liquid eyeliner?


Final words

Mascara can work as an eyeliner, but it is important to be aware of the pros and cons before you decide to use this product.

You might want to try darker mascara for a more dramatic look or water-resistant mascara if there are any chances that your makeup will come into contact with moisture throughout the day. Make sure not to apply too much mascara so that your eyes don’t end up looking like they’re bulging out.

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