Carrier oils SPF

Table showing carrier oils and their SPF

Carrier oil SPF
Carrot seed oil  30-40
Wheatgram 20
Soybean 10
Macadamia oil6
Jojoba oil4
Sesame seed oil2-4
Shea butter3-6
Coconut oil2-8
Olive oil 2-8
Almond oil 5
Avocado oil 4-10
Hemp seed oil  6
Hazelnut oil15
Raspberry seed oil 20
Sea buckthorn oil 2-4
Castor oil  5
Lemongrass oil  6
Mustard oil 2
Chaulmoogra oil 2
Tulsi oil 6

What is SPF?

SPF is the abbreviation of sun protection factor. It aids to protect the skin from the harmful radiations of the sun, which emits UVA radiation, which causes wrinkles and premature ageing, and UVB radiation which is carcinogenic and causes sunburn. It works by increasing the effectiveness of the skin’s natural defence mechanism against the sun’s rays.

And the SPF number determines the factor of how well it will protect the skin; the higher the number, the better. For instance, SPF 15 will provide 15 minutes more protection than the time normal skin without protection would have provided.

What carrier oil has the highest SPF?

Carrot seed oil is said to have the highest SPF number of around 30 to 40 

How do we measure SPF for a carrier oil?

SPF for carrier oils can be determined in two ways: in vivo (research done within a living organism) test and in vitro (research done outside a living organism) test. For the former option, apply the carrier oil on a volunteer and wait to see how long does it take before the appearance of sunburn. The volunteer is usually exposed to artificial sunlight. And the latter option is done using a specially designed spectrometer and takes place in a lab.

Why use carrier oils to block sun instead of sunscreen?

Using carrier oil to block the sun is a better alternative than using a chemical sunscreen. The rich nutrients of the oil do all that sunscreen does, including protecting skin from hyperpigmentation, premature ageing, sunburn, skin cancer, and tanning. Plus, its moisturising properties provide nourishment to the skin. On the other hand, most sunscreens have oxybenzone, and other toxic ingredients in their formula, which, when absorbed into the skin, shows adverse effects on health.

Here is the video on how to chosse a Carrier Oil


Carrot seed oil has the highest SPF number in the list. As we are aware about how harmful chemicals are for our skin and hairs, they can easily damage our skin and hair. Carrier oils are natural, they aren’t harmful for skin and hair. 

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