Difference between body butters, creams and lotions

These three agents of moisturisers differ in their texture and the ingredients used in creating each of them. A body lotion is the lightest and has a runny texture, while a body cream is thicker than a body lotion but lighter than a body butter and also has a creamier consistency. And body butter is the heaviest among the three and has a rich butter-soft texture with the least amount of water.

Body lotion has the highest water content, whereas body cream has less water than body lotion and more oils, and body butter is made using essential oils and butters. A body butter also lasts the longest in comparison to the other two.

How is whipped body butter different from body butters?

There isn’t any drastic difference between whipped body butter and non-whipped body butter. The key component mixture of oil and butter is only whipped in the former one to create a lighter texture.

What are body butters?

Body butters are used for replenishing dry, parched skin and softening dry patches on our body. With key components being oil and butter, they have the thickest consistency and penetrate deeper into the skin to heal the damaged, dry areas. Unlike lotions and creams, body butters have the lowest water concentration, thus giving them that rich texture.

 They are often made with rich hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa, palm, and mango, which is why they are chock-full of fatty acids and essential vitamins. Due to these components, they deliver long-lasting hydration than any other moisturiser. They also leave an oily finish which is perfect for repairing chapped and cracked skin.

What are creams?

Body creams are used for keeping skin well-hydrated along with soft and supple. They have a somewhat heavy texture as it contains less water content and more oils but not enough to leave the skin oily and greasy. But they have other moisturising ingredients as well.

The cream creates a protective barrier for moisturising skin and solves mild dry skin issues. Hence, it works best for people who neither have oily skin nor extremely dry skin. They have a creamy texture, and since they have a few oils in its formulation, it takes a bit more time to get absorbed into the skin than lightweight moisturisers.

What are body lotions?

Body lotions are used for keeping skin moisturised, although they don’t deliver as much hydration and moisture as the other variants. Thus, it works the best for people with oily skin. As formulated with more percentage of water and less oil, body lotions are lightweight moisturisers and have a runny and watery texture. 

However, they have both emollient and humectant properties to keep skin hydrated and protect the natural skin barrier. Also, thanks to its texture, they get absorbed fastest into the skin, but their lasting power isn’t as long as creams and butters.

Can body lotions be used on the face?

Any body moisturizer, in comparison to face moisturizers, tends to be more thick and greasy. And people with dry skin may seem to not have any side effects when body lotion is applied on the face, but oily skin people have higher chances to irritate the skin and clog the pores, leading to an acne breakout. Hence, it is not advisable to put body lotion on the face for anybody.  

Which one should you use?

Deciding whether to use a body lotion, body cream, or body butter depends all on the skin type and the weather condition. If you have oily skin and live in a tropical climate, your best option is to use a lightweight moisturizer with more water content and few oils, indicating a body lotion.

And if you suffer from mild dryness, you would need a richer alternative to lotion, which will not make your skin look greasy or oily. Then the best option here is to opt for a body cream. Lastly, one should go for body butter if they have extremely dry skin and need to heal their flaky and itchy skin or live in a colder climate. Usually, a lotion works best for the summers and cream and butter for the winter.

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Is it good to use body butter everyday?

Body butter is suitable to use any time and any day. If you have dry skin, using body butter everyday is highly recommended, but you can also use it to treat dry patches on skin whenever needed.  

Is it good to use body lotion everyday?

Using any variant of moisturizer depending on your skin type on a daily basis is essential. So, if your skin requires just a bit of moisture, then applying a body lotion everyday can be beneficial.

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