Do headbands cause hair loss?

Hair loss is the major problem everyone is dealing with. Like everyone else, you must be curious to know the reason for your hair loss. Some say it is because of hormones where some say it is because of the products you put into your hair.

Well, they are not wrong, both are the most common causes of hair loss.

But did you know? Your hair accessories can also be one of the reasons for your hair loss.

You must be putting a lot of accessories on your hair to make it look fancy and one accessory that you have been adding to your hair since childhood is a headband so –

Do headbands cause hair loss?

Yes! The truth is any kind of headband can damage your hair. It can be in excess if your headband has a comb attached to it. a headband that is tight not only causes hair loss but also puts strain on your head.

You should minimize wearing headbands. it may prevent you from losing your hair.

Other accessories like hats, clips, ribbons may also be a reason for your hair loss. These accessories damage your hair.

How do headbands cause hair loss?

Headbands are worn on the front part of your head near the hairline. The hair around that area is very brittle and. The headband puts stress on that part of the head.

Due to excess stress on the hair, it tends the hair to loosen its grip and fall. The phenomenon is called traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia has a higher chance when you wear headbands regularly. Every day putting stress on the same hair follicle can be a little too much on your hair.

If you want to get rid of hair loss due to stress stop wearing hair accessories that put stress on your hair.


How do other things cause hair loss?

It’s not that if you stop wearing a headband you can get rid of hair loss.

Some other products and tools make your hair fall from your scalp. These tools are something that you shouldn’t include in your daily life. They are good for once in a while only.

Straightening your hair regularly, or braiding your hair tight, putting up your hair in a high pony can cause massive hair loss. leave your hair loose, let it a breather.

Nothing in excess is good.

Not untangling your hair for days or sleeping with a tight hairs style or open hair will lead to hair loss.

Each of these things puts stress on your scalp and pulls away from the hair from your strands


How to prevent hair loss?

If one way can’t stop your hair from falling, try another.

Here are some ways to prevent hair loss. if you inculcate these as your routine you might own healthy hair soon.

1. Diet

We have said a lot of times and saying it again what you eat shows on the outside.

Consuming a Mediterranean diet like parsley basil, green leaves will help you remove this problem from your life. Incorporate these food items for three weeks straight and might see some results.

Your hair is nothing but keratin which is a type of protein. Your diet should contain some amount of protein as well. More protein healthier will be for your hair. you can go with eggs, fish, beans, peas, nuts, etc.

Retinoids are proven to increase the rate of hair growth. This element is found widely in Food items that contain Vitamin A.

Vitamin A also contains sebum that makes your scalp healthier. Eating sweet potatoes, spinach and other food items that contain vitamin A will prevent hair loss.

2. Taking supplements

Many people stay away from supplements, but they are not as harmful as you think, and if you have some doubt consult a doctor before that.

Sometimes even after taking a diet, we need other minerals in our body, in that case, it is no harm to take multivitamins.

Consuming Vitamin A, B, C D, and other minerals like zinc and iron is necessary for hair growth.

Biotin is also one of the health supplements which you must take daily for better hair growth. It is also helpful in growing your nails.

3. Haircare

Taking care of your hair, the utmost importance if you want to prevent hair loss completely.

Apply essential oils like coconut oil and olive oil to protect your hair from damage. coconut oil contains Lauric acid which doesn’t let the protein fade away from your hair keeping it healthier.

While olive oil protects your hair from dryness and stops breakage.

Avoid chemical treatments as much as you can. No wonder chemical treatments are done to enhance the beauty of your hair but the prettier they look on the outside it can damage the hair till its roots.

Also, as mentioned before, be gentle while you are styling your hair. tight hairstyles cause hair loss.

4. Laser therapy

People dealing with genetic disorders who have lost their hair due to treatment can get laser therapy.

Laser therapy grows the density of your hair. This treatment stimulates epidermal stem cells.

5. Take special medicines

Minoxidil, finasteride, phenylephrine are some of the medicines which are recommended to prevent hair loss and initiate growth.

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