Hair Serum Vs Hair Spray for Styling: Which is better?

Hair spray is an easy use product for styling your hair and taming fly away. There are several effective methods of using hair spray to get your hair in the right curls or flows. 

Hair serum is yet another effective product for smoothing your hair into the style of your choice. This oil-based product does not weigh down your hair or make it greasy like oils. Instead, it tames frizzy hair and gives your locks a natural shine. 

So let us find out which product is best suited for styling.

Hair Serum Vs Hair Spray

  • Hair spray has various components that are mostly responsible for providing the product the properties to be used as an aerosol. However, such ingredients may not necessarily agree with our hair. 
  • On the other hand, hair serum may be found with natural and pure ingredients and is possible to be made at home. 
  • Too much hairspray can exhaust your hair since it forces the hair strands to stay vivid for a long time. Moreover, excessive exposure to the spurt can damage the scalp.
  • Hair serum is the natural alternative for grooming your hair to the style of your choice. You can also create your hair serum at home with the oils of your choice and other ingredients. 

What is a Hair serum?

This oil-like product is great to tame and smoothen frizzy hair. It also keeps the hair moistened and gives it a natural shine. More importantly, it is light on the hair strands.

Benefits of hair serum

  • Hair serum is a great ingredient for hair regrowth.
  • It confers enough softness and shines on your hair.
  • This product is suitable for almost all hair types. 
  • Great for taming frizzy hair.
  • It improves the strength of the hair strand. 
  • This product eliminates the chances of hair breakage.
  • Hair serum is known to promote the growth of healthier hair follicles. 
  • The oils in the formulations keep the hair nourished throughout the application. 

What is hair spray used for?

This product includes an aerosol bottle that sprays out droplets of quick-drying ingredients that coat the hair, to settle frizzy hair. Hair spray is popularly used as a hair styling product. It also finds use in giving a natural shine and volume.

 Benefits of hair spray

There are several benefits associated with hair spray;

Remove oil residues

If you have applied oil, but its residues are persisting even after a wash, then you can use hair spray to apply over the oily strands. This should immediately get rid of the oil residue. Hair spray acts as a shampoo that removes excess oils and other impurities. 

Styles the hair

It is a great styling product. Get your hair styled as you wish. Just spray it onto your strands while brushing the locks as per your requirement.

Easy to use

Comparatively, hair spray is more convenient to use. There are no issues of leakage or over application. A simple spurt of hair spray will do the trick of settling the frizzy hairs and bring the hair to the style of your choice.

It can also be used on wet hair

Locks in volume

It boosts volume and makes your hair appear thick and healthy, giving it a natural glow.

Tames frizzy hair

Hair spray coats the frizzy hair strands and lets them sit while you perceive the right style. 

Best for baby hairs

If you have baby hair that gives you a hard time, all you have to do is spray some hair spray onto a toothbrush and gently apply it onto the baby strands. Brush them sideways or as per your convenience.

Use after or before straightening or styling

You can spray it onto your hair before and after straightening or curling to give more definition to your hair. It will also protect your hair from too much heat exposure. 

Is hairspray bad for your hair?

Excessive use of hair spray is bad for your hair. And certain hair spray products are formulated with harmful and drying agents. 

  • Also, the spray may induce allergy reactions onto your scalp. So it is advised to use them from about 6 inches. 
  • Make sure the spray does not reach your eyes. Nor should you accidentally inhale the components. 
  • If your hair requires frequent use of hair spray, then wash your hair frequently. 
  • Constant use may result in chances of breakage. 
  • If you get hairspray somewhere on your skin, it leaves them sticky. This requires you to wash them afterward. 

Can I use hair spray daily?

Daily use of hair spray is not recommended considering the after-effects of regular application. It will leave your hair dull and remove all the moisture. This is going to disturb the structure of your hair. 

How to make hair spray at home?

You can use a spray can and combine natural ingredients into it. These ingredients include;

  • Natural oils or
  • Lemons.
  • Sugar.
  • Water.

You will require a spray bottle to act as the aerosol can. Discover effective recipes to add-in for the hair spray. You can also store away the remaining for later use. Give it a try! 


Hair spray has grown to be a popular hair care product with several other uses as well. It is great in giving your hair the desired look and keeping it flaunt-worthy. Hair serum does more than just confer the glazing. It nourishes the hair cortex and allows the hair to stay healthy. 

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