Hair Serum Vs Hair Wax For Styling: Which is better?

There are tons of products in the market that are meant for styling your hair in your desired way. Hair serum and hair wax are two of the essentials that tame your strands in the best way possible. 

These products provide additional benefits too and these include protecting your hair from environmental pollution. So let us find out more about these products and what they do for your hair.

Hair Wax vs Hair Serum

  • Both have great effectiveness in taming frizzy hair. However, hair wax might be heavy for certain hair types. Those with light and thin hair strands get weighed down if hair wax is applied. 
  • Hair serum, however, provides enough coating that boosts the smoothness, shine, and reduces frizziness without weighing down the hair. Also applying hair wax constantly results in product build-up, leaving your hair with split ends and possible breakage. 
  • Sometimes, hair wax application results in dry hair. It is wise to follow up with a hair serum application. This should solve the issue of dryness. 
  • If you have thin, light strands of hair, hair serum is the one for you. It will not weigh down on your hair while providing you the necessary style, smoothness, and frizz-free hair. 
  • Hair wax is suitable for extremely frizzy hair, with thick strands. Also, you can coat as many layers of wax to make your hair manageable.

What is a Hair serum?

A hair serum delivers a natural luster to your hair while adding softness and moisture to the hair strands. It leaves behind a healthy touch and protects the hair from other impurities.

What does hair serum do?

Usually, the hair serum is brought to style the hair, while giving it a glossy appearance. The product coats the hair strand with the ingredient called silicone. It helps to smooth frizzy hair and greatly improves the appearance of your hair. 

There are several benefits associated with hair serum.

Benefits of hair serum

Here are the benefits of using hair serum;

Smooth out frizzy hair

Usually, we depend on natural oils to settle frizzy hair. And occasional moisture treatments are required for this purpose. Hair serum is the all-time solution to tame frizzy hair without too much fuzz.

An instant application is enough to get the frizzy hairs under control before you are set to have a great hair day. 

Protects your hair from pollution

The active ingredients in this product like silicone form a protective layer over the hair and shield it from harmful pollutants. 

Heat protection

Applying a layer of hair serum before straightening or curling your hair. This process requires immense heat and hair serum does the job of repelling the damage. 

Prevents drying

The ingredients of hair serum include natural oils that confer moisture and enrich the locks naturally, thereby preventing dryness.

Heals damaged hair strand

Thin hair strands need products that weigh them down, instead, add their strength and smoothness.

Reduce split ends

Split ends tend to occur when the hair is subjected to extreme blow-drying or exposure to heat. Naturally, split ends occur due to a lot of friction. Hair serum is the best solution. 

Grease free

Many hair sterling products have a greasy after-effect associated with every application. This is not the case with hair serum.

Can we use hair serum daily?

You do not have to use hair serum daily. Instead, you could use it before or after a hair wash. It works for a quick touch-up of your hair in emergency situations. 

Moreover, daily use does not deliver any health benefits. Hair serums are not to be applied to the roots of your hair. 

Can hair serum regrow hair?

No, hair serum does not regrow hair. It is responsible for increasing strength and allows the hair to remain moisturized. 

What is Hair wax?

Unlike hair serum, hair wax is a hair styling product that contains wax. The products vary in consistency and allow clients to choose the right consistency for their hair type.

What does hair wax do to your hair?

Hair wax adds a layer of wax onto the hair that tames the strands and smoothens curls, thereby styling it to our desire. Hair wax is light on the hair and a small amount should be enough for a single-use.

It gives a shiny appearance and enhances the volume of your hair. 

Is hair wax good for your hair?

Yes, a sufficient amount of hair wax is good for your hair. However, too much hair wax can coat the hair heavily, and leave it sticky and prone to damage.

Benefits of hair wax

Tames frizzy hair

A heavy lump of hair wax can tame any degree of frizziness. Excessive dry hair can also be tamed with this incredible product.

Locks in moisture

Hair wax has high moisture retaining capacity. Thus, the coat of wax on your hair cortex locks in enough moisture. 

Gives volume to the hair

The coat of hair wax adds a layer and thereby enhances the volume of your locks.

Confers shine to the hair strand

If your hair appears full and unnourished, then hair wax is the one-time solution. Just like hair serum, hair wax gives a natural glow to your hair. 

Styles your hair

You get to style your locks as per your desire. It is easy, quick, and does not require an expert’s assistance. 

Is hair wax good for frizzy hair?

Yes, hair wax is great for frizzy hair. The hair wax acts as a moisturizer and conditioner thereby taming the frizzy stands and smoothening them out. Applying a small portion of hair wax after drying your washed hair, will prevent frizz formation.  

Is hair wax good for daily use?

No, hair wax is not good for daily use. On the occasion of washing your hair, the presence of wax might leave the hair excessively dry. Too many hair products will lead to product build-up which results in dandruff and hair fall.

The disadvantage of using it daily also depends on the formulation of the product that you use. 

If the product is composed of harmful agents along with the styling wax, then the product is not meant for daily use. So make sure to go through the ingredients before deciding on the frequency of application. 


Both these products have become a part of the hair care routine. However, overuse of any hair care product will damage the hair. So make sure to use the right product in limited amounts and let your hair have the natural nourishment alongside. 

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