How long does your hair have to be for extensions?

Everyone wants short hair until the day you start missing your long, flawless hair.

In many cases, women complain about their hair not growing or losing volume.

A couple of treatments are available but they may or may not work.

These treatments are also hell expensive which can’t be afforded by everyone. In that case, hair extensions are the most accessible and inexpensive solution.

Hair extensions come in various sizes and lengths and its application is way too simple. Taking good care of your extension will make them durable to last up to 3-6 months.

How long does your hair have to be for extensions?

Your hair should be 6-7 inches long which is approx. your shoulder length. This length is preferred for achieving a natural look. The hair needs to be long enough to secure the extensions properly. However, hair shorter than these can have hair extension but you may not achieve natural hair.

Some of the popular hair extensions are clip-in, tape-in, sew-in, and micro-link hair extensions.

These all can be preferred according to your choices.

You can follow methods to grow your hair back. Following a healthy routine can help your hair grow.

What are some different types of hair extensions?

Hair extensions come in different types and each of these extensions can be chosen according to your preference and professional advice.

Clip-in hair extensions

If you got a haircut that you regret then clip-in hair extensions are the best for you. These are the most popular hair extensions in the market. Clip-in hair extensions can be installed in your hair very easily without any Hussle.

Clip-in hair extensions come in different strands with a clip-on attached to them at the top. These extensions can be removed whenever you want. These extensions can be installed at home within 5-15 minutes.

These hair extensions are a choice of many women because of their least damaging properties. Clip-in hair extensions do not include any chemicals and so, they do not deteriorate your hair’s health.

They last up to 3-6 months and are a good choice if you have short hair.

Tape-in extensions

Its name says it all. Tape-in extensions are hair extensions with tape lined up on the top they are glued on the other side before installing it to your hair. These hair extensions are applied by professionals as they are aligned with the roots. The glue is heated with a tool for better application.

The whole process takes up to 45 min – 1hr. The adhesive in the extensions can cause damage to your hair so it is advised to take breaks before getting the extensions back.

You need to take the help of a salon to get it removed. A good thing about these extensions is they can be reused. They last up to 4-8 weeks and also look good on very short hair.

Sew-in hair extensions

Sew-in hair extensions or weaves are specially built for people with thick voluminous hair. These weaves are braided into your hair as cornrows and later the weaves are sewed using a needle and thread to secure it.

Weaving is a very long process and may take up to several hours. The braiding process often leads to strains on the scalp. you can not carry out this process at home unless you’re professional.

These extensions last up to 6-8weeks.

Micro-link extensions

Micro-link extensions are applied by professionals only. A mistake in the installation can cause damage to your hair. Micro link extensions are applied to small sections of your hair and secured by silicon beds.

Micro-link takes up to 2-4 hours for full application in the hair.


Can I have hair extensions if my hair is very short?

Yes! You can have hair extensions even if you have very short hair, but it has a lot of drawbacks.

Most of the hair extensions will make your scalp heavy and look unnatural, like clip-on extensions and sew-in extensions.

At last, they are left with hair extensions that cause hair damage.

Although clip-on hair extensions are very lightweight it comes with huge clips on which might be visible and spoil your entire look. Similarly, sew-in extensions are a big no when it comes to short hair.

That is why the ideal hair length for hair extensions is 6-7inches.

The only good news for people with very short hair is that they can either go for a wig or tape-in hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions are seamless and applied by heating the glue onto your hair. they are extremely lightweight.

The only drawback with these hair extensions is that the adhesive can cause damage to your hair.


Can I have hair extensions if my hair is thin?

Yes, you can have hair extensions even if your hair is thin but you have to be careful while choosing the type of extension.

Choosing an extension that is heavy on your scalp may lead to losing more hair and can make your hair thinner.

Clip-in extensions are the best for thin hair. It will not only make your hair look longer but also make it voluminous. Tape-in extensions are also good for thin and short hair.

Do not go for sew-in or micro braid hair extensions, they will end up damaging your hair.

Final words

Though there are several extension options for thin and short hair we will advise you not to go for extensions and rather pay attention to the health of your hair.

These extensions are not the safest option for your hair. There are several other expenses after applying it.

So focus on the health of your hair and take your time before making any decision regarding your hair.


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