Why does the foundation separate?

Foundation is the most common base used for make-up. It provides a platform for the make-up to settle on the skin, giving it a shiny, clean and natural look. One can notice separating of the layers of make-up products used which often gives an extra whitening look to the face. This is the separation of foundation.

Now the question that arises is-

Why does the foundation separate?

There can be a number of reasons to answer the separation of foundation. It may be due to choosing non-compatible or wrong products, extremely dry or oily skin, no exfoliation or over applying the foundation over several others.


What makes a foundation to separate?

A foundation is usually an emulsion of oil and water. It can either be an oil in water emulsion or a water in oil emulsion. Both types of emulsions used are stabilized when mixed with each other. They do not separate as such.

But they can separate quickly if not kept in suitable conditions such as in direct light, extremely hot or cold environments etc. Also, they can separate over time of being unused in the container and also because each product has a life, so does a foundation.

Reasons due to which foundation separates on the skin and how to prevent it

1. Choosing a foundation which is non-complementary to skin type

Everyone has a different tone of skin colour. The foundation must be compatible with your tone so that it can blend and doesn’t look like a completely different colour after wearing make-up.

Check the foundation before you buy it and make sure that it blends well with the natural tone of your skin.

2. Wrong make-up products alongside foundation

A primer is usually applied before applying a foundation which acts as a barrier between the skin and the products. Often, choosing the wrong type of primer can cause the foundation to separate.

Choose a primer that’s compatible with your foundation. Eg if you’re using a gel-based foundation, use a gel-based primer instead of a water-based primer.

3. Dry Skin

Dry skin is a heap in make-up as the skin is more likely to form patches and the foundation applied begins to wither off.

Use a cleanser to cleanse your skin and follow by applying a moisturizer of your skin type before applying foundation. Choose a foundation with a hydrating formula or AHAs.

4. Oily Skin

Oily skin doesn’t give a proper texture to the makeup as foundation cannot get a ready base to settle. The foundation is most likely to separate in such cases.

A foundation with BHA as an ingredient can be used for oily skin type. A foundation which is weightless and has a creamy texture can block the pores and prevent separation of foundation.

5. No regular exfoliation of skin

Avoiding regular exfoliation fastest in turn builds impurities and dead skin cells over time. It doesn’t give a smooth base for the foundation to set up and it is distributed evenly. The foundation thus separates.

Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis using a gentle exfoliator scrub. Massage it for 30-60 seconds and wash off with lukewarm water.

6. Over-applying the foundation

It is very important to keep a note of how much foundation is required in a particular area. Excessively wearing would definitely cause a foundation to wither off.

Start by applying small amounts of foundation and apply more to wherever required.


How to apply the foundation to avoid separation?

Sometimes both the skin and the foundation are perfect but still the foundation separates.

This may be due to wrong application methods of the foundation on the skin. Follow the given steps to evenly apply a foundation on your skin so that it doesn’t separate-

1. Using the right aids

Avoid distributing the foundation with the help of your hands and fingers. Use a sponge and a brush to apply it to your skin.

A sponge soaks the extra foundation not required on the skin and a brush helps in even spreading and blending.

2. Evenly setting your foundation

Foundation provides a base to make up and hence we should be set into its place.

Light powders can be used to set the foundation in its place. People with oily skin should use matte powders.

3. Moisturizing your skin

Preparing your skin before applying anything is a must. Cleanse your skin and moisturise it using a light weight moisturizer.

Moisturizing provides proper hydration to the skin and foundation is absorbed quickly.

4. Using fresh products

Avoid using products which have crossed 6 months of its manufacturing date. These foundations begin to separate in the container itself.

Use a foundation which is within 6 months of its manufacturing date.

Choose a foundation wisely according to your skin type, prepare your skin well by cleaning and moisturizing before you apply the foundation.

Follow the tips given in this article and you won’t see visible separation of the foundation.

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