Anastasia brow brush dupes. What else can you use?

We all want to use the makeup products and tools from our favorite brands but we often end up buying other products due to the expensive prices and lack of availability in the local market.

Anastasia brow brushes are the best when it comes to eyebrow brushes.

But it is expensive and not affordable at all.

Which are the best dupes available for Anastasia brow brushes?

There are several dupes for the same present in the market. Some of the most popular dupes of makeup forever HD foundation are- L’oreal stylist definer, NYX micro pencil, Maybelline precise micro pencil, E.I.f Essential Instant Liner, Sephora retractable brow pencil, Benefit Goof Proof Pencil, and Dior Brow Styler.


Best dupes for Anastasia Eyebrow Brushes

1. L’oreal stylist definer

The wooden pencil with a sharp end is amazing for shaping the brows.

It is small in sight and a b rigid with an oil free texture. Very soft shades can be drawn in the form of precise lines that have a long lasting nature in all types of weather.

It is best for carding the edges and shading of the eyebrows. It is convenient to carry even in a small purse because of its small size that comes with a tight protective cap.

2. NYX micro pencil

It is one of the best products produced by NYX that helps in making the perfect brow.

The pencil is easy to use. All you need to do is just draw a line and shade it with a brush afterwards.

The brush has ultra thin fine hairs that make eyebrows look natural, expressive, and well groomed.

It helps in the even distribution of the colour along the length of the eyebrows that creates an impeccable contour.

The formula makes it highly durable and long lasting for your symmetrical eyebrows.

The pencil comes in 8 shades from blonde to brunette that can match the choices of every girl around.

3. Maybelline precise micro pencil

It is a perfect brush to grow your eyebrows well and give it a beautiful look.

It is the best to use when one needs to fill in and draw the missing hairs with the help of a colour.

It lengthens and widens the eyebrows by its long lasting nature.

The intensity of the shade is not lost throughout the day which makes this product indispensable in the true way.

4. E.I.f Essential Instant Liner

It is an instant lift liner that comes with an improved formula that does not smudge around the eyebrows or the eyes.

It is composed of natural wax that gives it the required sign and clear lines are drawn with its easy to spread brush.

The colour of the liner is retained throughout the day.

It gives enough density to your eyebrows by filling in the spaces between the hair with the help of a brush that perfectly shades the lines.

It is a medium hard product and very easy to use.

The instant liner shows the maximum effect when combined with a shadow of the same colour as the colour of the liner.

5. Sephora retractable brow pencil

It is a kind of luxurious brow pencil that has a stable formula.

The pencil comes with its unique quality of being highly resistant to moisture that is it does not smudge or flow down in any case.

It has a very soft core that easily touches the skin without causing any type of irritation.

The pencil is retractable that perfectly outlines the eyebrows in their natural shape by sketching only in the desired areas in the form of imitating hairs.

The back side of the brush has another mini brush that is there to ensure uniform colour application along the length of the eyebrows.

The shades available for this brow pencil are very identical to the colours of the anastasia brow.

6. Benefit Goof Proof Pencil

It is best to give your eyebrows the perfect shape and the required volume.

The pencil is of ideal consistency with a soft shade and extremely comfortable retractable stem that allows it to create the desired shape and volume in a way that the eyebrows look natural.

It is completely water resistant and long lasting upto 12 hours.

This pencil is equipped with a brush for shading purposes and a pointed tip for drawing the lines for missing hair that actually imitates those of the natural hair.

It comes in 6 different shades.

It is similar to the Anastasia brow pencil but is thicker than the latter with a more pointed and sharp tip.

It comes with light pigmentation and is extremely firm.

7. Dior Brow Styler

This is used to add that touch to your make-up by giving it an amazing finish like never before.

It can be used either independently or in combination with a gel that gives better results.

It is an automatic and two-sided liner which is extremely convenient to use.

One side is equipped with a pencil and the other is equipped with a brush.

The pencil helps in drawing clear and firm lines identical to that of the natural eyebrows at the places where the natural hair is missing.

The brush helps in combing the eyebrows so that they look more open.

It comes with a stylish metallic body with chromic lustre and matte silvery Dior pattern.



Best Anastasia Eyebrow Brushes

Here are some of the best Anastasia eyebrow brushes which we absolutely love and think are worth mentioning.

1. Brush 7B

It is an angled brow brush with tapered ends. The edge is extremely fine to let you draw precise hair-like strokes with the help of its synthetic fibres.

It is the best to use when one wants to apply powder or other emollient-based products.

The brush is of the perfect width that can fit into the brow and give a soft and natural finish. The custom spoolie end can help you comb your eyebrows perfectly.

2. Brush 12 Dual-ended Firm Angled Brush

The brush is densely packed with tapered ends and angled brow that has firm synthetic fibres.

The soft spoolie present helps in creating perfect hair strokes that also allows it to blend well while giving a smooth finish.

It is the best to use with emollient based products for the brows.

3. Brush 20 Dual-ended Flat Detail Brush

It is a flat and square shaped brush equipped with highly durable synthetic fibres.

It is used to blend the concealer or highlighter in the areas of the brow.

The soft spoolie can blend the products well by giving a natural and flawless finish.

4. Brush 15 mini-angled brush

It has a form body with tapered synthetic fibres that make it perfect to easily carry everywhere in your purse or makeup bag.

The edge fills, outlines are details the eyebrows with the help of its super fine edge equipped with tapered fibres that can be used with a brow powder or emollient based products.

5. Brush 14 Dual-Ended Firm Detail Brush

The tubules are made from natural fibres with a tapered and angled edge that can perfectly fill and detailed eyebrows.

The strokes can be drawn identical to the hair of the eyebrows while this policy is soft enough to give the eyebrows a natural-looking finish for glowing look.


Video – Anastasia brow promade + brush dupe

We found a great video as well, which you should check, since you are already in the lookout for Anastasia brow brush dupes.

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