Makeup forever hd foundation dupes. What are the options you can use?

We all want to use the makeup products from our favorite brands but we often end up buying other products due to the expensive prices and lack of availability in the local market.

Makeup forever HD foundations are the best when it comes to makeup products.

But it is expensive and not affordable at all.

Which are the best dupes available for Makeup forever HD foundation?

There are several dupes for the same present in the market. Some of the most popular dupes of makeup forever HD foundation are- L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow, Ordinary Serum Foundation, L’Oreal true match lumi, Wet N’ Wild PhotoFocus Liquid Foundation, CoverFX Natural Finish Foundation, and Colourpop No Filter Foundation.


Best Makeup forever HD foundation dupes

1. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow

It gives a subtle look of the skin by giving it the required glow and shine so that it looks natural.

It is long lasting because of the efficient ingredients present that make it stable on the skin while providing a great coverage area.

The long lasting nature is also attributed for being lightweight and creamy in texture. It gives a smooth surface to the skin while giving it the best glow possible for an even looking skin. It is extremely hydrating for the skin to prevent any acne for blackheads.

That means that the skin is not dried up when the foundation is applied.

It completely hides the imperfections of the skin that gives a clear appearance to the skin.

The spf formula contained in this hydrating Foundation is suitable for all skin types from normal to dry. The foundation has a great hold because of the stability of its ingredients that looks bouncy and plumpy on the skin that comes in 6 different shades.

2. Ordinary Serum Foundation

This Foundation is extremely affordable but does not give much high coverage.

It has a more liquid texture than creamy so it is advised to shake it before using.

It gives light to medium coverage that contains a pigment suspension system.

The formula of this Foundation is a mix of retinoids, vitamins, direct acids, oils and hydrators.

Pigments used in the serum Foundation give a rich and highly saturated effect for the skin to appear natural and smooth.

The foundation is extremely lightweight and is available in 21 different shades to suit the needs and choices of all.

All of these are divided into 9 different steps to suit every color of the naturally occurring skin tone. These shades can suit all tones ranging from warm and neutral to cool.

It is made in a quality free manner with the formula that is free of any type of harmful ingredients such as paraben and sulfate that can cause damage to the skin.

It occurs and maintains a complete balance between a serum that helps in hydration of the skin with the touch of colour and makeup.

It has long term impacts on the skin by giving it benefits such as moisturization and hydration.

Here is video about Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

How to apply ordinary Serum Foundation?

  • Clean your face with the help of a cleanser and pat dry it with a soft towel.
  • It is very important to prepare your face before you apply any type of makeup product to ensure that makeup does not track over time and can be applied easily and comfortably.
  • Apply a light moisturising cream by massaging it all over the face and the neck with circular motions of the fingertips.
  • If you wish to use a concealer apply it in the areas that appear comparatively darker.
  • Do not forget to apply a primer before you go on applying the serum Foundation that acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup product. It makes the skin smooth and even while sealing the blemishes.
  • You can now move on to applying the foundation after your skin is properly cleansed and toned by ensuring complete hydration. You may use a blender to evenly apply the foundation over your face and use a correction brush to give a second pass in the areas.

3. L’Oreal true match lumi

It is another dupe that gives your skin and natural glow with plenty of hydration.

It gives an incredible coverage to the skin with lovely shades that can perfectly fit the skin tones.

However it is not very long lasting and hard to blend that can leave streets and marks on the face.

The shade range of the foundation is not very extensive so most people find it difficult to have a shade similar to their skin tone.

It is required to shake it well before directly applying it on the face even with the fingertips or with a sponge.

Blending and outward motion is required for proper application of the foundation.

4. Wet N’ Wild PhotoFocus Liquid Foundation

This is a Foundation that is widely known as the Camera Ready Foundation because of the amazing look it gives.

It is a PETA certified and cruelty free Foundation that is extremely budget friendly for all who wish to use it.

The foundation offers a great and buildable coverage that perfectly blends effortlessly all over the face.

It is long lasting and can last for 7-8 continuous hours that does not dry out the skin or leave creases.

The foundation was tested under 740 lights before it came into the market and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

It gives a Matte finish when applied and is best for oily and combination skin types.

5. CoverFX Natural Finish Foundation

This Foundation is water based that is great for dry skin because of its rich hydrating elements.

It is completely oil-free that is perfect for acne prone skin and delivers a complete 12 hour coverage making a long lasting Foundation with an amazing finish.

Foundation has a powerful antioxidant protection because of the formula that is rich in emollients and Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin F.

Emollients ensure 12 hour complete hydration wild vitamins help in moisturizing the skin and protecting it against environmental stresses to which the skin has been exposed to.

Decontrol the secretion of oil on the skin while treating and preventing acne.

The ingredients used are extremely safe and clean due to which the product is applicable for all skin types and skin tones.

The coverage is medium 2 full spectrum that makes it a buildable Foundation which you can apply easily with your fingers but the use of a beauty blender is advised.

The range of the shades is divided into warm, cool and neutral undertones within a level range of 10 to 80 from which you can easily select yours.

6. Colourpop No Filter Foundation

It comes in extravagant 36 shades each of which gives a natural finish to the skin.

It is popularly known as the foundation suitable for selfie age because of the full coverage it gives by delivering a flawless look from day to night.

The formula is oil free and extremely lightweight that blends smoothly in all parts of the skin by giving a natural mat appearance.

The pigments used our innovative and soft blooding that give the original colour to the skin while keeping it natural. It is made from 100% cruelty free and vegan products.

However the foundation easily fades away after 6 to 7 hours of its use.


Final words

You are now clear with the best dupes available for your favorite foundation. Choose the one suitable to you that also fits in your budget.

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